Will Democrats Declare A National Emergency to Get Rid of Guns?


Really: are you stain a Supreme Court ruling leaves an issue beyond challenge.

Tell that to everyone here about Rowe v. Wade. You an explain how efforts to get the court to review Rowe are illegitimate.

And refusal to grant cert is a decision – as firm as any other. Scalia’s decision in Heller made explicit the limits in the 2A and all the court was saying, in essence, is Scalia’s decision stands.


…and when the Justices choose not to sing, the lower ruling stands as to constitutionality.


You would think that over the last 10 years the Court would have had time to review the constitutionality of at least 1 of those hundreds of gun law cases. Why do you think they haven’t?


And yet numerous court cases show you are wrong…

Glad we had this talk…im bored now with it since you wont accept facts…have a good one.


Then that makes registration perfectly constitutional.


They will if they want to lose elections for ten years. When the AWB and Brady Bill passed, the democrats lost control of the House of Representatives for the first time in 40 years, and they lost control of the House for 12 years


A) Most (over 2/3) of those deaths are by suicide.
B) Then get Congress to pass them.
C) So government actions should be done to alienate almost half of the population?

Also, as a double Alumnus of UA, please change your password. UA is not a liberal conservative bashing place.


Of course it shouldn’t happen either. I’m just as much against declaring a faux national emergency for the border wall as I am against declaring a faux national emergency for guns.


Here is the “emergency” in terms of gun murders, it’s similarly low at this moment.


It’s also boring when one side pretends they don’t understand simple English.


And bear. It doesn’t say “own”. It says “keep and bear.”


Yemen. Yemen is US national security. Oh and 7 Venezuelans.


Nitpicking…cool…you roll with that


How many more times do we have to dance around the floor?


You still haven’t provided the information as to how many cases involving 2nd Amendment issues have been appealed to the Supreme Court, so I couldn’t possibly know how many they have rejected vs. how many they have reviewed and ruled upon. Let’s start there before getting into a subjective pissing match as to “why.”


No it doesn’t. That would definitely be an infringement. To put it into perspective, consider having to register with the Government before you can belong to a church, write a letter to the editor, or refuse to allow police to search your home without a warrant.


Yeah…your zero tolerance idea towards the 2nd is a no go for a majority of americans…also guns can kill you…writing a letter doesnt…anything else?


The pen is mightier than the sword. You are harping about the wrong Amendment.


Ok…ill throw a pen at a watermelon and then ill shoot a watermelon…guess whats gonna happen…

Excuses for everything


Says the man who thinks guns are not arms. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: