Will Cohen flip?

Today’s news is nuts. I’m expecting a (laughably transparent) Trump tweet denying any knowledge regarding this slush fund. Is Cohen ready to do serious, serious time in Federal/State prison for Trump?


I think he is going to sing at the top of his lungs.

If he’s afforded some degree of immunity he’ll roll over like a puppy.

I don’t have any idea but I think it’s hilarious that everyone around Trump doesn’t even bother pretending there isn’t extensive criminal behavior Cohen could flip and blab about. Like normally you’d expect everyone to say something like “of course Mr. Trump and his administration have done nothing wrong and [Mr. Cohen will be absolved in court]/[Mr. Cohen’s financial crimes have nothing to do with the president]” but instead they’re all just like “he’s a good guy and he’s loyal to Trump so I don’t think he’ll flip”.

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I think he’s going to flee.

He ain’t singing, he’s too loyal and stupid enough to take a bullet for the orange pile of ■■■■.

I think he will take the Fifth on everything. I don’t think he will sing, aka “flip”.

I think Mueller handed him over in part because he knew Cohen would not readily flip and because handing him off took him out of Trump’s power arena to pardon him.

It’s already come out he’ll take the Fifth, but Donnie Deutsch on MSNBC today, who apparently is a close friend, said he’s going to do everything to protect his wife and family. Take that for what it’s worth.

Here’s Deutsch’s most recent interview I found on YouTube talking about Cohen.

If this were a mob movie I think his character is lucky if he makes it to montage. Certainly gone before the credits.

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True. It’s bizarre. Giuliani is out there saying stuff like, “Why did they give away Cohen, and not Manafort? Maybe they think Manafort’s somebody they can flip faster,” Giuliani said. It’s like: criminality is just taken for granted.


Hopefully he will, and soon.

Yup. Right now we’re at the scene where Fred sucks up to Mo Green with Michael in the room. It’s only a matter of time…

Fred = Fredo.

Damn you autocorrect and no edit button.

I wonder if there’s a class at Cooley that covers this.

Trump said he could shoot someone on the street and not lose support and Republicans have proven him right.

What law is broken by being a consultant? Specifically what law did he break.

So far I havn’t seen any. Someone who has known The Don for 20+ years is offering an insight into the president. People will pay for that service.

It wasn’t turned over to the state, a lot of it was turned over to the federal prosecutor in that district.

Republicans who cried about the Clinton Foundation for years and defend this are hypocrites.

What government position does the attorney hold again? Private attorney to the prsident is NOT a government job.

See the diff between a private attorney and secretary of state?

Please don’t tell me that if Hillary’s longtime private attorney had taken such payments while she was in office that you wouldn’t have taken it as proof of her corruption, because I wouldn’t believe you.

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