Will Biden protest rising hate crimes in Canada?

Those pesky details…

What did you not understand?

The gnomic quip entire.

It was an observation, not a quip.

Found bodies from a church. Burn church down. Fitting.

So, aesthetically, morally?


The Biden administration has brought up reports of human rights abuses and hate crimes in other cases, shouldn’t it do the same for apparent abuses next door?

Biden calls for expanded efforts to protect LGBTQ rights globally | Reuters

Biden says he will bring up human rights abuses with Putin during meeting next month - CNNPolitics

Biden admin sanctions Chinese officials for abuses against Uyghurs (nbcnews.com)

FACT SHEET: President Biden Announces Additional Actions to Respond to Anti-Asian Violence, Xenophobia and Bias | The White House

Is vandalizing a church upon discovering church schools were killing children by the hundreds a human rights abuse?

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Not sure what Biden would say but am curious as to how the PM of Canada is handling it since he’s been a role model on racial divide.

Would you like me to explain the issue or are you simply using Canada to throw a pointless attack at the President?

Yet Conservative can’t break 30% in the national polls.

Thousands, it was in the thousands.



The White House will ignore it so American don’t start asking question about the Residential school system in America.

Probably this, but at least Stateside awareness has been building for decades.

Try getting Ottawa to acknowledge disappeared indigenous women in Vancouver tomorrow.

Does Ezra Levant still think the Mosque shooting in Quebec was a false flag to attack white people?

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What human rights abuses do you think took place here?

Burning churches to the ground is a direct assault against Christians. That attacks are reminiscent to the attacks on churches and synagogues in the Soviet Union in the 1920s.

The alleged abuse occurred decades ago and were supported by the government. Is the solution to burn down all government buildings?

Which is exactly what Indigenous people who were forced to attend Residential School have said, in solidarity with the Canadian Government, but I don’t really expect the slime-bag Ezra Levant who own website called for Indigenous people to be beaten by Police a few years ago for blocking a highway to be a moral authority here.

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The last Residential school closed in 1997.