Will a Biden/Harris win destroy Medicare for our Senior Citizens?


With Joe Biden showing signs of dementia and fatigue, and a recent poll showing 59% Think Biden Unlikely to Finish A Four-Year Term in White House, Senior Citizens would do well to consider the threat to their Medicare program should Kamala Harris replace Biden as President.

In regard to this question and Kamal’s strongly held desire to impose her “Medicare for All” plan upon the American People, the following article is very informative and ought to be studied by our Senior Citizens before voting. It should also be studied by those who have parents benefiting from the Medicare program which they paid into all their lives.

See: ‘Medicare for All’ Would Be Terrible for Seniors. The article begins:

"In a rare op-ed, President Trump recently suggested that “Medicare for All” proposals gaining popularity among Democrats would “demolish” the Medicare benefits that seniors expect to rely on. This provoked Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer to issue an angry rebuttal scrawled in red pen, in which he denied that Democrats supported single-payer health care and declared suggestions that Democrats had plans to outlaw private health insurance “NOT TRUE.”

Keep in mind that under Kamal’s Medicare for all plan, over 150 million Americans who now have privately paid-for health insurance plans, would have their plans outlawed, forcing them into Kamala’s plan, while 1.5 million DACA and 3.6 million Dreamers in our country would also start receiving Medicare financed healthcare which would bankrupt the Medicare program which our Senior Citizens paid into all their lives!

Forewarned is forearmed!


When it comes to healthcare, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have no moral compass whatsoever. They refuse to make the distinction between CHARITABLE GIVING and tax tyranny to support the health care needs of millions of illegal entrants and foreign aliens.

Not sure the Die For The Dow party ought to be whimbling about seniors.

Odd that a “gummint is slavery” guy is whimbling for Medicare.


They’ll be facing a much larger problem if Trump gets re-elected, as he has promised the payroll tax would be made permanent if he gets elected.


The bigger issue is if the Dems also take the Senate and keep the House, I’m pretty certain that you will see Amnesty given to th3 20-30 million people here illegally for one, along with the likely surge of millions of more surge of others flooding across the border to get in on the gravy train the Dems will be offering.

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Our nation’s Senior Citizens paid into Medicare all their lives and it should not be destroyed by opening the floodgates allowing millions of foreigners and illegals to receive healthcare which is paid for out of the Senior’s Medicare fund.

Additionally, the Harris Medicare for All plan would abolished the private health insurance plans which over 150 million Americans now have.

If the Harris Medicare for All plan is so great, why must she force American’s entire population to participate in it?


Joe Biden and Kamala D. Harris want elderly American citizens, who paid into Medicare all their lives, to surrender and share their healthcare revenue with millions of illegal entrants who have invaded America’s borders.

Interesting OP from someone who also made a OP about the socialist policies of Joe Biden


People paid for Medicare. It’s not like your ■■■■■■■ deadbeat free ■■■■ that buys Democrat votes.


I’m paying for it but don’t get the benefit of it.


Yes. They are total nit wits void of any ability to reason. Everything they screw up will be described as “inherited” by the DNC media.

Socialists will destroy my socialist security net!


Rip the bandaid off of socialism.

End Medicare now!!!

No ifs ands or buts.

The founders would be appalled.

It’s how Socialism works you see… you pay for others and get no. benefit.

End Medicare Now!!!

Nuke it from orbit. It’s the only way.


I don’t need a net. What if the feds simply returned all of the money I paid into S.S? And they can keep the interest. Which is a big win for them. They make money off my money. And give me back the just principle. I would make that sacrifice.

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Nice one, Ripley. :wink:

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Nope… the money has been spent. You don’t get it back. I don’t get it back. No one gets it back.

Rip the band aid off.

End Socialism!!!

I never said they would do it. I said I would be generous enough to make the offer. Cuz that’s the way I roll.

You’ve got to consider the source of this garbage, CNBC?! :roll_eyes: :joy: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m in. I probably paid into SS for 55 years! Although I retired at 66 I picked up a part time job and I’m still paying into SS. If they gave me back everything I put in I’d call my wealth mgmt guy and roll it into my retirement income plan. I could increase that monthly income to cover the SS benefit while making money off the increased value of the portfolio!
Where do I sign up?

Right? One of the biggest scams in history. Now they are claiming the money we paid for all these years has been blown on crap having nothing to do with retirement.

I wonder if the congressional pension plan is in danger too? :joy:

Hopefully it does get them off that socialist Ponzi scheme so they can get back to the free market insurance paradise they so richly deserve.

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