Wilbur Ross, Trump's millionaire Commerce Secretary, says he doesn't understandk

This is the same guy who tried to plead, “why on earth would anyone having a problem with the citizenship question on the census” while covering up his role moving it along?

Doesn’t get more swampy than this administration.

I think the chant for the next Democratic candidate should be, “Drain the Swamp!”

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She said to feed them table scraps. It is what they did growing up.

I’m sure the check cashing joints will be making a fortune. More trickle up economics.

Being poor charges predatory interest.


Not one to wish pain on anyone (our neighbors are both Border Patrol and we’ve been helping them out financially)…maybe it WILL take trickle down to people like your parents for them to “get it”.

Let’s remember that this administration has allowed those loan sharks more leeway outside of military bases now.

States should be nipping that crap in the bud. Several have but even under the best of terms, it’s still highway robbery.

Good ol’ Wilbur probably wonders why they just don’t use their line of credit.

Trump probably wonders why they don’t get a small loan of a million dollars from Dad to tide them over.

Wilbur Ross: You there, fill it up with petroleum distillate post haste, and re-vulcanize my tires!


It’s the voice of the Forgotten Man!

While I feel sorry for the individuals that have hardship cases, 800,000 workers, if they never got their pay — which is not the case, they will eventually get it — but if they never got it, you’re talking about a third of a percent of GDP.

–Wilbur Ross


■■■■ the forgotten man, let them eat cake.

So many lower enlisted get caught up in the payday loan cycle in the best of times. Many federal workers will undoubtedly get caught up now as well.

And destroy their credit rating as well.

Maybe they should trade in their Dodge Charger for an '88 Saturn.

Destroy their security clearances.

Which then destroys many of their career possibilities.

But Trump cares deeply about the common man.

Most don’t have great credit to begin with. Hence the need to go the payday loan route.

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At 400% APR

Payday loans have their place. Many years ago I had a bit of a short term financial crisis. I had 5 checks that were going to hit my account and take me overdrawn. The bank was going to charge me $35 for eachcheck. Even with the extortionate interest rate they were charging as a fee it was cheaper for me to do that than have the checks hit. Week and half later I got paid and paid off the payday loan.

I agree payday loans are dangerous and most people get caught in a vicious cycle but lets not ignore the fact that banks with their high fees are just as bad if not worse than Payday lenders.

But yes overall I agree check cashing places will be doing a lot of business right now.

Some context:


When it comes to loans and credit scores there are a lot of people that pay their bills on time but just dont have stellar credit. I dont care for this villification of people that somehow because they dont have a 720 plus score they are somehow worthless scum that waste all their money.

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