Why would you want to hunt a wolf? Whats the point

Hunt deer/ elk etc…thats fine. Those you can eat. What does shooting a wolf do for you? To me, anyone who is a trophy hunter is just a tool bag…

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Wolves are food for some dogs. Their furs are warm too.

Do you really not know?

Enlighten me…These aren’t ranchers saving their herd/livestock

What do you think happens when the wolf population multiplies by 6?


Doesn’t answer my question…

Not why the state would want to cull…But what kind of “sportsman” would want to hunt one.

Beef prices go up. :wink:


How do you think the state culls?

I would assume population control

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Agsin…try answering a question instead of asking one. Its not difficult.

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Are you a hunter?

Used to be…

Speaking of hunting, there have been several black bears spotted in this area in the last couple of months. I would really love to have bear season out here. Here’s hoping their numbers grow fast like wolves!

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Of what?


What do you think wolves do to the deer population if left unchecked?

Why would you hunt deer? You can buy venison on the internet.

Thats fine…thats nature. Population goes down, wolf breeding is less successful. Deer come back…and the cycle goes on and on.

How does “wolf breeding is less successful” happen?

Common sense…less prey, less wolves. Its like owls and lemmings