Why Was Sneakys A Note of Thanks Thread Closed?

Just wondering why this thread was closed?

It was in Outside the Beltway and seemed to consist of threads talking about the forum.

The perception is that any threads discussing the forum are going to be closed down. I hope thats not the case but it does seem that no matter where a thread is opened about the forum unless it is 100% positive the mods will jump on it.

It became a flame thread, not necessarily negative about the forum as you assume.

This is the community feedback forum. Why would you think discussion critical of this forum would be had in politics or otb?

If you have a complaint, here or pm to a moderator is the place for it.

IDK, seemed like that thread had devolved quickly after the OP bumped it after two months with a snarky comment.

Ironic your clamoring. The thread was deleted shortly after you posted.

I dont have any complaints. I was just asking.

But I dont see why the forum itself cannot be discussed in OTB.

Again not being critical but it does seem (and it could be just my perception) that any threads on the state of the forum are shut down quickly and many times with no explanation.

It might help that when you close a thread just to post a quick reason why.

The members of the forum were being discussed. Thank you threads such as that have always been posted. I saw no problem with that, it’s what it turned into and the trolling/taunting that came after.

Once it turns into a callout thread being critical of other posters, it’s getting shut down. If it’s critical of mods, the posts are deleted and you’re free to start a topic here.

Thanks for the clarification.

Can I get the contents of the thread?

It’s in OTB

This is one of the ways you guys keep increasing your work load. Instead of dealing with the problem individuals who will just continue being problems doing the same things in other threads you just shut the thread down.

Think on it.