Why was my post removed

My last post was removed. What was the problem with it? It contains an interview with Gregg Philips of True the vote and a link to a voter fraud researcher @patelpatriot

I see nothing wrong with this post. Does “flagging” trigger post removal?

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Treated just like Twitter. No commentary some random guy.

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Gregg Phillips is not a “random guy” and Jon Harold @patelpatriot who interviewed him was even called on stage by Pres Trump at a CPAC. All in the context of a Voter Fraud thread

I would suggest reposting a YouTube video. Not a mod.


I can post it, but it’s the same interviewer

I made a new post.

i would also suggest commentary. twitter links without commentary will 99% of the time be deleted

I only commented on what it was. From now on I will write more.

brief synoposys would help, maybe an introduction of who the tweeter was (not everyone knows who’s a rando and who’s not). I posted one yesterday and introduced it as being an official tweet from the Ukranian MoD, which it was.

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Have no idea who either guy is. He might not be random to you.

Sorry. I’ll be more captain obvious when posting and aware there are people who may not follow major news stories