Why Trump’s Washing Machine Tariffs Are Cronyism

Before anybody says “libs.”


The article concentrates on cronyism, but implicates protectionism as well.

I concur with the article fully.

Oh, and by the way, they also ripped the steel and aluminum tariffs.

200 jobs cost American consumers $200 million.

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Protectionism is good sometimes.

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When? Good for whom?

What’s bringing manufacturing back worth?


It is never good.

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The government simply can’t “force” manufacturing back.

Agreed, but he can let them know he’ll help them when they make the right decision.

I was looking at some clothes today, nice, but quite a bit more than I usually pay. I couldn’t figure out why. Then I saw it; “Made In The USA”

I’ll save for a while longer.


It worked wonders for Japan. Second biggest economy in the world until China displaced it.

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Exactly. Better to put the increase into the pocket of an American worker than into the pocket of that same person thorough a welfare check.


4 Aug- Offices of Ukranian oligarch are raided by the FBI in Cleveland and Miami.

6 Aug- Trump is filmed stating “So, I have a lot of enemies out there. This may be the last time you see me for a while” as he stands with laundering machines behind him.

Apparently it’s good for all the other countries who issued tarrifs against US goods.

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Norway uses tariffs.

And it’s working for China now, too!

Or part of profits to Chinese government.

and those tariff are paid by Norway Citizens.
Tariff and export tax are not the same thing.

I too, am willing to pay more for American made goods, plus IMH, American made goods are of a higher quality. That being said, there are people who subsist on cheap imported goods. Buying a $6 tee shirt from Walmart beats a $40 one from Nordstrom’s. In fact, most are hard pressed to even find clothing made in the USA.

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