Why the problem won't end. Ever

I think the people chanting for dead cops are vastly the minority and most of the people chanting don’t believe that but are more or less just in the moment. If we address the issues sufficient to demonstrate going in the right direction, people will stop protesting. The rare minority that demonstrates hate fuels off being in a group. They are powerless after that. And if they are there when the vast majority of people who are protesting within their rights without looting go home, they will just be extremest on the street yelling that. Because, as long as they are not damaging or looting they can chant anything they want about dead cops. I don’t agree with them, but they have the right to say that without acting on it.

Of course they’re part of the culture.

Your question is meaningless, because it is based around the entirely faulty assumption that all the problems are caused by just a few bad cops.

“Bad” cops usually start as “good” cops.

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I’m not looking for goofy theories.

Are the thousands of black officers, sergeants, lieutenants, captains and chiefs in on it to? Are they part of the culture? Are you seeing something that they are not?

How does NYPD hire 41,000 officers and guarantee that every one of them is a good person? Remember you only need one bad one to get everyone convicted. Any ideas?


Yeah, that’s actually exactly what you’re asking for in your OP. The idea that you can put the blame on just a few bad apples is very goofy.

Yes. They are all part of the culture too.

Where do you get this info? Do you have inside information? And why are there so few actual examples of abuse? Why is it so rare among the 600,000 officers in the U.S?

On this you and I agree. They look at the citizenry as the enemy instead of looking at them as people.

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I don’t need any “inside information” - all you need to do is pay attention.

“So few” is a very relative word. Perhaps your are more forgiving than others.

But again, that’s missing the point. The problem is less about individual acts of police abuse, and more about why those acts occur, and how the police react.

This is like saying in 1970, Well how can they make sure that every single cop isn’t on the payroll of the Mafia? Therefore let’s do nothing about the fact that a significant chunk of the NYPD is getting envelopes stuffed with cash and extorting citizens just because they can.

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I don’t know if I’d go that far - but they’re certainly trained (both officially, and by the culture) to see everyone as a possible threat first, and a person/citizen second.

They don’t. The problem is LIB indoctrination of our young to believe that white conservatives are the problem and that they, enabled by law enforcement, are out to get the black man. DEMs alone have the solution. More and bigger government giveaways. As your OP suggests, this isn’t going away because LIBs will continue to dominate education, entertainment and the media.

Body cams, dash cams, cell phones. It’s all out there for the world to see.

You still have not replied to the question. Since most cops are not engaging in this behavior, how to we guarantee that every one of them is a good person?

No they are gonna get few hirings wrong. What needs to change is the blue wall. If a cop whiteness anouther cop assault anouther individual, that cop should arrest the other one right there. Cops know the difference between abuse and proper procedures. Just like cops say to a civilian, you can argue your side in court, well so can a cop.

I also believe they should not be able to use their uniform or badge when they are working other jobs like security.

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You’re not comprehending what I’m saying.

Whether or not an individual cop is a “good person” is irrelevant.

Most “bad” cops are (or at least start out as) “good” people.

Don’t quite get what you mean. What about their culture? Don’t get me wrong, I’m no cop fanboy.

All of them do? Can you prove that?

The Blue Wall is a perfect example of what I’m talking about. The police culture.

You’re not comprehending my question.

Since most cops are not engaging in this behavior, how to we guarantee that every one of them is a good person?

No cop will rat on another cop no matter what they do. The very very few that do are ostracized and usually run out of law enforcement. On top of that, the brass of the police departments don’t want them to because it makes them looked bad.

Like take for example literally any corruption scandal, all of a sudden a ton of cops retire all at once up and down the chain of command. That’s because they’re told to retire or face charges. PDs are political institutions, they’d rather let a corrupt or brutal cop go home with their lifetime pension than embarrass themselves bringing charges.


Seeing citizens as possible threats first, and people they’re supposed to “serve and protect” second.

The Blue Wall.

Authority and power will always breed some level of corruption and abuse.