Why the problem won't end. Ever

All of them do? Can you prove that?

The Blue Wall is a perfect example of what I’m talking about. The police culture.

You’re not comprehending my question.

Since most cops are not engaging in this behavior, how to we guarantee that every one of them is a good person?

No cop will rat on another cop no matter what they do. The very very few that do are ostracized and usually run out of law enforcement. On top of that, the brass of the police departments don’t want them to because it makes them looked bad.

Like take for example literally any corruption scandal, all of a sudden a ton of cops retire all at once up and down the chain of command. That’s because they’re told to retire or face charges. PDs are political institutions, they’d rather let a corrupt or brutal cop go home with their lifetime pension than embarrass themselves bringing charges.


Seeing citizens as possible threats first, and people they’re supposed to “serve and protect” second.

The Blue Wall.

Authority and power will always breed some level of corruption and abuse.

It doesn’t matter if they’re all “good people.”

That doesn’t fix the problem.

I think you first need to look at records. Didn’t this guy have some sort of past complaints? I don’t remember, but that should be looked into. Their should be a test of some sort that cops should take regularly to measure empathy. We need actual change or else history will just repeat. There needs to be more community involvement with cops and community as well. This isn’t an issue with cops as people, but its human nature. Wasn’t there like a study from Stanford that shows that in position of power humans tend to become aggressive toward those they are controlling. So, however we fix this needs to limit this affect because its nature and not intentional.

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How does the blue wall overcome body cam, dash cam and cell phone video?

What fixes the problem?

Fixing the culture, I guess. Don’t ask me how, I don’t know.

For one, cops in every city should have cameras. And if they are turned off during duty, they immediately get fired regardless of the complaint.

When it gets lost, altered, not turned on, not to mention places that do not have them.

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Yeah lots of reports of cops being ordered to turn off their body cams the last three nights. In Seattle they were covering up their badge numbers with masking tape and taking off their name tags.


It appears that Minneapolis PD is a mess. All totally controlled by progressives. But this is just one case. How do we assure that every cop is a good person? Because if every cop isn’t, he takes the rest down with him.

I think this is to protect them from doxing. Often happens during riots.


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I am sure that’s the official reason.

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I also think body cameras protect cops in situations like this. Often times we see people getting beat up during riots, but the video doesn’t show that person throwing fire bombs and such at them seconds before.

Also conveniently makes it impossible to file use of force complaints.

Good post, as usual. But you do realize this isn’t going to change. It just isn’t. Especially when it comes to employees having eachothers back. It’s just basic instinct to be like that. People do the same in all manners of employment. You’re just not going to ever have a scenario where it’s commonplace that cops rat out eachother. These are the people they have to trust. The two don’t mix.