Why straight pride event are stupid

The concept of “Straight pride” is stupid, has anyone been assaulted, attacked, kicked out of their house, shunned by their family because they are straight?

Gay Pride parade didn’t start as celebration event, they stared as protest marches.

Police in London have arrested a fifth suspect on suspicion of punching two women on a bus because they are lesbians.

The 16-year-old boy was taken into custody Saturday. Four other male suspects were arrested Friday. All have been released on bail pending a court appearance in July.

Police said Saturday that all of suspects are between 15 and 18 years old, and that officers aren’t looking for anyone else in connection with the attack.

you have to be assaulted to be proud?

Gay pride started as s protest March.

Meh. I say let them parade their perceived victimhood all they want. Seems to be the fad thing to do among straight white males who can just never get a break in America.

another group showing their pride? no!!! only special groups are allowed…

multiculturalism not so multi

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Everyone knows the true purpose behind white/straight pride events. It illuminates the true nature of those who participate for all of the world to see.

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If a group can be proud of being sexual perverts, another group can certainly be proud of being normal.


I’m all for straight pride events.

Go for it!


No, but you do have to have struggled through and triumphed over systemic prejudice, oppression, and violence. Which (if one bothers to come out of one’s shell of preconceived notions and self-assured assumptions) one might learn is the entire point of these types of events - the celebration of overcoming a history of marginalization/demonization.

But as some others have said - if there are straight white males out there who feel so put out that they can’t march, then by all means they should put themselves front and center.

They’re doing a normal pride parade in London?

The London attack stands as an example of why pride parades happen in the first place, and why a straight parade anywhere is stupid. Because straights haven’t experienced a history of being assaulted and marginalized for being straight.

But I’m certain I didn’t have to spell that out for you.

Thanks for spelling it out. So where are they doing this parade?

Oh here we go…

The OP was referring to a concept. Is there a specific parade you’re interested in?

ah ok so gay “pride” march is really just a victimhood march


Swing and a miss. Re-read the very post you quoted, and get back to us.

no that wasnt me at bat. that was me giving you knowledge.

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:laughing: Of course.

Boston. Organizers have asked for the exact same things the gay pride parade people got, including flying their straight pride flag at city hall.

whats a straight pride flag?

a bolt and a nut?

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