Why Should I Vote For Bloomberg?

Give me one good reason why I should vote for Michael Bloomberg for President.

Why should I vote for a man who is:
Wants to ban everything from trans-fat and big soda
Pro-Stop and Fisk
A wannabe dictator

He’s as worse than crybaby Trump.

There is no reason.

The only reason that Democrats are considering him at all is because he possibly has the best chance against Trump.

There is no reason to vote for any of the Democrats. Only Donald Trump is capable of restoring America’s greatness. While not all Democrats hate America, I suspect that a few of the leading Democrat politicians would love to see America fail; the rest of them are just so incompetent that they end up making decisions which will lead to America failing. If you need an example, look no further than Barack Obama. Thank God those dark days are behind us.


He becomes the nominee. That’s the only scenario. Even then, it’s a “devil you know” dilemma.

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he may pick hillary as rm

Nailed it. lol


Bloomberg’s real danger in my opinion will be his ability to finance the House and Senate races.


Are you being racist

You shouldn’t. Nobody should.

I’m a racist because I think Obama failed America? Alright then.

This is why people don’t take liberals serious.


No one should ever vote for Bloomberg. Unless he is the nominee and his opponent is Donald Trump. That is literally the only scenario.

But please please let’s avoid that scenario.



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You shouldn’t vote for him.

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They need to do that with blind sheep with their hair on fire and it would be perfect. :grin:

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With the sorry assortment available, you may be right. Sanders might have the best chance against Trump.

Hillary is the best chance against Trump.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Because he’s not Sanders, Warren or Biden?

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He’s probably got the best chance at the Nomination but he’s drug the base so far to the left, or vice versa I think he’s going to hve a terrible time in the General if he’s the nominee.

To win a candidate needs a highly motivated base and upwards of 90% of their party’s vote but they also need to win independents and have significant crossover appeal.

I just don’t think the country as a whole has gone that far over the left cliff.