Why Ol' Flexible did not arm Ukraine against Putin's attack on them

Article from 2015 on why Ol’ Flexible did not help Ukraine keep Crimea and 1/3 of their land? This article goes over the history but can only point to one reason I found…

“Lawmakers say they’re particularly concerned by comments from German Ambassador to the U.S. Peter Wittig, who told The Associated Press that Obama had agreed to hold off on providing weapons in a meeting last month with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.” ( The same person who just bought Putin’s Natural gas giving him billions…)

I think Fiona Hill explained it well today during her testimony.

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Why are we suddenly rehashing old topics and pretending they’ve never been debated before?

Aren’t we all tired of that tactic?

I missed it, what did she say?

Seems the left hates their own history, and we all know why! It’s often failure, poverty, violence…and helping Putin…

Because it’s relevant to history of corruption in Ukraine.

Is it hitting too close to home?

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Don’t participate.

Easy Peazy.


I’m participating by pointing out we shouldn’t pretend these topics haven’t been debated ad nauseum before.

It’s a tired tactic.

She explained that at the time, the Ukraine military was new and inexperienced and needed training first. But she stated it a whole lot better than I can.

Once again showing how informed you are on Ukraine. You think Crimea combined with the portion of Donbas that Russia took is 1/3rd of Ukraine.

Just a reminder Ol Flexible let Putin take parts of Ukraine after telling them he’d protect them. oh, Then Biden’s son got rich… I bet they didn’t want to lose all of Ukraine, so gave the elite dems some money!

Take it easy on him. Posting the same exact treads over and over again is what the OP does best.

Ol’Flexible and the Uranium Queen sure loved Putin…

Trolls have to troll. It’s all he knows.


In 2015 Obama let Putin take parts Ukraine? Even people in his own admin wanted to arm Ukraine. So, what did Putin have on Obama?

“…we should not slip into collective amnesia over the Obama administration’s weak and underwhelming response to Russian aggression. Throughout his presidency, Obama consistently underestimated the challenge posed by Putin’s regime.”

“… In 2012, Obama disparaged Mitt Romney for exaggerating the Russian threat—“the 1980s are now calling to ask for their foreign policy back because the Cold War’s been over for 20 years,” Obama quipped…”

Just as a reminder The ruble dropped like a rock because of sanctions and they still haven’t really recovered from the recesión in part caused by the sanctions

It’s time for republicans to realize Obama is not president. The current president has served almost an entire term. Move on.

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In other words, Obama got away with it beyond the end of his two terms, so you have to let him keep his ill-gotten gains.

Where is that in the Constitution?

Hey remember when Trump couldn’t beat Obama’s job growth or best annual GDP growth? Trump is cool.