Why no accountability for those in government that had cost lives and Havoc mainly in Blue States or Cities

Why I have not seen any indictment for all of those in power that are exceeding their power and had betrayed their constitutional oath

Wheeler on riots - His oath to protect all citizens
Etc Etc

when real justice will come or what is missing?


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What criminal statute do you believe has been violated which would lead to an indictment?

oath to protect all citizens and the constitution

So, if they don’t comply they are not accountable?

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I’m talking about an actual criminal statute. A law. What law has been broken? In this country we indict people (with probable cause and evidence) for breaking the law. I’m curious what law you believe has been broken, so as to discuss the merits of a potential indictment.

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I would be very careful arguing legality/punishment about breaking Constitutional Oath…I think that can of worms is best left sealed.

The 14th Amendment and the CRA

The poverty and homelessness in dem states and cities should bring the people to hold dems accountable. Not to mention perpetual Violence on their streets.

So what you’re saying is you want some accountability for those in government who downplayed the disease? Boy do I have a news story for you.

How? Everytime something is tried y’all scream about socialism and stalin.

No, republican is stopping the democrats in NY or Cal from implementing what ever policy the dems want.

Could you be more specific on what “Something” means?

Remember Nancy telling people not to panic and it’s safe to head downtown? If not here’s the tape…

"(25 Feb 2020) U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi took a walking tour of San Francisco’s Chinatown Monday to let the public know the neighborhood is safe and open for business.
Pelosi, a Democrat who represents the heavily Chinese American city, visited the Golden "

Public housing, food stamps, school lunches, etc. The only thing the right has is the voucher scam.

And my sides ache from you pretending that republicans dont have state wide seats in NY and Cali.

They have that already… And the dems states are still full of homeless and poverty… and now violence

Why ■■■■■■■■ about something so blatant? Even the hood in NY is a paradise compared to the methhead hookworm shanty towns in Republican states.

That’s the kind of rationalism I expect form the left…

It’s a free county, the left can form communes anything they want. All you need to know is that they don’t…

That’s the type of deflection I expect from the right. You guys remind me of the people in Mumbai running outside to take a ■■■■ by the train tracks because having a bathroom in your house is unclean.

Dems let people poop on the streets of san francisco like it’s the dark ages…

The property value of that homeless poop is higher than the average home in Republican land.