Why Joe Biden for the Democratic candidate?

Get back to me with links to plea deals, indictments, and / or convictions for any of the above and we can discuss those further

skipped right over the lying part I see. LOL


Just goes to show how many people are aligning to get a dangerously incompetent man like Trump out of the office.

Seriously, Joe’s a liar a blackmailer and a bad spy. I’d say those who support Biden has some kind of DS.

The enemy of my enemy…


I tried.

One way is you aren’t in the other ones pushing.

Do you need to understand?

If you don’t like the thread, don’t post in it. It really is just that simple. The good ones stay on top, the bad ones sink to the bottom.

The only thing keeping this one afloat is you guys whining.

We are 3 months out from the election. We traditionally allow a little more passion during that time. Don’t do anything to ruin that.

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The panic, the fear and even desperation has set in

You sound desperate to protect Joe and his lack of credability, good luck.

All Americans should fear Joe being Americas President!

Because he won the primary process

Really? Dangerous and incompetent?

Is that why the Joe is plagiarizing Trump talking points on labor and made in America?

Seems to me libs are trying to BS the working people the same way they BS the Blacks in this country.

Think about it. People are out there burning our cities for something the Joe Biden wrote…and now you’re asking them to vote for him?

Seriously…do libs really think they’re that stupid and ill-informed?


Looked to me like it was handed to him.

How so ?

Everyone quit except Joe making him the candidate.

Shouldn’t that be for Americans to determine and not eastern Europeans?


Among the moderators? :rofl:

Do you mean the New World Order?

No I meant Americans and not outside agitators.

Yeah, that’s how primaries usually work. In 2016, Little Marco, Lyin’ Ted and many others also quit thus making Donald Trump the candidate.