Why Joe Biden for the Democratic candidate?

Joe’s an insult to politics with the Ukraine black mail, unmasking Gen. Flynn and the Russian collusion lie that distroyed his credibility like others so why Joe Biden?

Don’t worry, he doesn’t need your vote to win.


Because Biden is a truly empty suit that every Democrat can fill with whatever wishes they desire and believe he’s for them. The man stands for nothing and the TDS afflicted will fall for anything.


As far as I know, he’s not forcing anyone to vote for him. Here’s an idea, if you don’t like the idea of him as president, don’t vote for him.

See, that wasn’t hard.


could you point out where anyone said they were being forced to vote for him?

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The government is huger than ever. There are 3 miles of new wall (and we the people paid for it) . There is no new healthcare plan. Clinton is not locked up. We are 4 years in. Who is the empty suit? What have we got to lose?

Can’t wait to vote for Biden.

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Surprise, surprise another Biden thread. One can imagine that as more and more red states come into play for Biden we can expect more and more threads to be created.


The BDS is coming in hot!


It’s got to be frustrating watching your campaign double and triple down on losing strategies. Posting about Biden like this is the equivalent of shaking your fist at the sky.

That and photos of lawnsigns. Cant wait for those. Unskewedpolls.com!!!

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because he’s not Donald J. Trump. That’s all you need to know.


If a TDS thread exists (which I don’t think there should be one) shouldn’t a BDS thread exist? The OP certainly is an example of the sort of stuff in the TDS thread.

In only one side’s candidate to be dissected?

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I’m on a beach vacation and this morning I saw a boat with a giant Trump flag. No Biden boats as far as the eye can see. Election over!


Pretty much this, but I would add that Dems just want a decent and competent person and he is, apparently, a genuinely nice person that knows what he is doing. There are a lot of GOP Senators that love the guy.

Will be a nice change of pace.

I’m actually kind of enjoying watching the meltdown. Gives me some hope for where this election is headed.

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Agreed. That is why for the first time in my life, I will vote D. DJT has shown he’s not capable of leading through a crisis, Not capable of making the decisions necessary to keep people safe and healthy. Moreover than that…There has never been a president who actively lies day after day after day. Not even NIXON.

DJT has got to go. I’ll vote 30 times if I have to. LOL


I vote more Democrat than Republican but I make it a point to never vote straight ticket and I have voted for 3 GOP Presidents, 2 GOP Senators and 4 GOP Governors. I am voting straight ticket this year.

My Dad and Brother are hardcore GOP members, they are also voting straight ticket Democrat. And of course, my Brother has to remind me all the time that I am still a stupid Liberal and this is merely a one-off.

People are sick of this crap, they just want a President they can ignore.


I have been saying Biden 2020… America needs a nap.


Hmm, now that’s an interesting website.

because it is easy to speel on mail in ballots