Why isn't this a problem?


Policy positions completely aside: are conservatives OK with this, and if so, why? Hillary’s emails are still a popular topic. This is so much worse. I recall from a previous story that Newbold could only recall two instances, in almost two decades, of recommendations to deny a clearance being overruled. It’s happened 25+ times in the past two years.

You can’t claim to care about national security (including the border) and turn a blind eye to this.

There’s already a thread on this.

My bad. Had to dig for it, which shocks me. This should be a hot topic regardless of your political persuasion.

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One would think. But you know why it isn’t.

So far only one “defender” in that thread, with the good ol’ “Not technically illegal” response that really shows how ethical the party has become.

According to a couple of trump supporters, the commander in Chief has a constitutional right to assign these clearances…approvals be damned.