Why is true believer bad?


When did this become offensive? Is this what this site has become? Saying someone is a true believer is now flaggable for removal? Yes it was directed at someone…yes it was saying he was part of trumps base and thus a not worth the time.

Ok if that’s the case then all I’ve learned is that saying you are a part of trumps base is an insult…I can live with that.

This has gotten to king priest levels of absurdness…

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Seems to me you answered your own question.

I doubt the words “true believer” were what triggered him/her to flag your post.


Again saying someone isnt worth the time isnt offensive.

Had I said “you” arent worth the time because you are an idiot…then yes I could understand that being over the line…

Weve hit a moment in time where the board has become overly moderated with the flagging.

Why do you think we had a mass exodus of con posters?


It doesn’t matter if what you’re saying is or isn’t offensive.

Do not address the poster in any way.

Don’t even comment on their name. If someone’s name is Calirepub, it would be inappropriate for you to address the poster’s association with California. That’s none of your business, and you would probably eat a time out if you brought it up.


Could be multiple reasons, but I’m gonna go ahead and posit that the common reason is that folks just can’t stomach defending this President any more. Makes 'em throw up in the mouth.

A little.


Probably. It seems like they needed a safe space. A forum where they aren’t constantly being challenged and asked to defend their views, and can relax and talk about how the Libs are ruining everything. Ironic, really.


If that’s the case then we mine as well shut down the forum…


'Youre a true believer and not worth my time" is hardly a view that one would defend, nor could it be relevant to any issue, so far as I can see.


I don’t think Plasmaball’s comment caused a mass exodus…


Frankly, I halfway believe that even what I just wrote might be outside the realm of acceptable posts. I wrote, and rewrote that post 2-3 times because I know that I’m walking on eggshells.

This whole thread will most likely be locked in the next hour.


This thread will likely join the several others that have been closed without really addressing the bigger issue that there doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to what gets deleted or leads to an infraction nowadays. I guess when people are losing a debate, the only logical conclusion is to mass report people who disagree with them in the hope that something sticks.


I was aiming for 10 minutes…looking for that snowlock


When you do that you’re just asking for it.


It’s like when trump says you are fired…crowd goes wild


Yup, these threads always get locked or deleted without explanation. We’ve had both conservatives and liberals ask, what’s going on, but never an answer. And I feel since the exodus, anything that can be construed as being uncivil, will be removed.


This. Also, make posts about lib college snowflake policies


That’s not what I heard. All the right-wing forums I go to shudder at the mention of his name.


Most women dont have the same reaction…


NO that’s not the case at all, not even “a little”! Its more like leftist hatred on this forum that causes throw up in the mouth!


Flagging and banning.