Why is the federal government withholding life-saving treatments?

Back in August Fauci agreed that use monoclonal antibodies during early COVID greatly reduces the risk of death and hospitalization.

Florida has taken the lead in using the treatments to save lives. Now the federal government is limiting the supply of to the state:

As stated in the recent press conference, the Biden administration claims that it is limiting supplies in the name of equity. A few states are using the vast majority of the supply.

They also repeat the claim that more vaccinations are necessary to reduce the number of cases of COVID.

Is the federal government deliberately withholding life-saving treatments since it believes that effective treatments are a threat to its goal of 100% vaccination?

Or is the Biden administration responsible for a real shortage of the life-saving treatment as a result of a vaccinations-are-the-only answer policy?


So the Biden Administration first sends infected illegal aliens into Florida and infects the uninfected, then cuts supply of the medicine necessary to treat these infected American citizens?


Correction infects the unvaxxed.


It’s already been noted that illegal aliens aren’t being vaxxed prior to Biden shipping them around the country.


And infecting the unvaxxed.


If all citizens were vaxxed, no problems.


The administration has blood on its hands imo.

For the southern border strategy, the afghan “strategy”, and for cutting these life saving meds.


By the way, for those who originally didn’t want the vaccine because it was only under Emergency Use Authorization, monoclonal antibody treatments are only available under EUA, so I assume you are treatment-hesitant.


Your article actually proves the OP correct. The feds are buying it up and distributing it as the see fit.

I can remember the outrage when Trumps administration was buying masks. Must be Different


Why do you still espouse the idiotic logic that monoclonal antibodies are a competitor to the vaccine?

So so stupid.


Monoclonal antibodies also essentially “put the same thing in your body” as the “potentially dangerous vaccine”.

You essentially have been “vaccinated” when you get them…oh wait, you are also SICK WITH COVID at the same time.

This lend a lot of support to the idea that these silly arguments are all political and not a genuine concern for “what’s being out in the body”.


Therapeutics are the bane of lib parrots.



Vaxxed Floridians as well as others across the country are getting sick also. I swear you J’Biden excuse makers.


Florida has gotten and still gets the bulk of the Federal supply.

DeSantis is trying to shift blame from his own failure at controlling the spread of the virus.

If the virus wasn’t spreading freely then there would be fewer sick people to begin with.


Therapeutics are calling the fire department and hoping they get there before your house is destroyed.

Vaccination is installing a home sprinkler system that can put out a fire long before there is even a chance of structural damage.



No, that’s called getting the services you already pay for. lol

No, that’s called watering the lawn. You don’t put out house fires with yard sprinklers.


Getting them too late to prevent permanent damage.

Who said yard sprinklers?

That’s a new opinion. :thinking:

OK, indoor sprinklers, and it was a horrible analogy either way. One of the worst so far in this panicdemic. lol