Why is our media so clueless?

Here a young bbc reporter, asks if Israel notified the Palestinians that they were going to do a raid to attempt to rescue their hostages, who were being held for 8 months by Palestinian civilians! The media is a complete joke.



I’d hit it.

Yup. Media are reporting that the Hamas fighters who were guarding the hostages and ended up dead in the raid were “palestinians”.

“One Israeli special operator lost his life in the rescue operation, and nearly 100 Palestinians were killed.”

And our lib sheep citizens are going to keep lamenting the disproportionate number of palestinians killed in this war.

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they aren’t clueless, they’re a fifth column.





Proper translation, an Hamas Public Affairs Officer, for the Hamas Controlled Gaza Labor Ministry, who routinely submitted Hamas press releases, presented as independent journalistic reports, was killed along with several others when Israeli security services rescued several hostages being hidden by Hamas within his home.

You nailed it!

Good job!

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i couldn’t stand being intimate with someone so vacuous, and brainwashed and clueless.

christ i’d have to drive a Subaru. .

they are worse than a “joke” they are operants in a system for the clueless

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