Why is Michael Flynn gathering so much support/sympathy from conservative figures?

Been a little odd to watch this all play out as it has. I mean he’s unquestionably acted in an illegal and duplicitous manner hasn’t he? He was caught actively misleading the vice-President and the FBI wasn’t he? He already plead guilty.

So, why has he become somewhat of a rallying point for conservatives? Wasn’t that long ago that Sean Spicer was blaming the Obama admin for giving Flynn a security clearance, now he’s an innocent victim?

It’s nothing short of amazing how often and consistently Levin is wrong on just about any topic.


Why does he need a defense fund? He’s already plead out.

Whats good about Flynn?

Levin has become quite the good little foot soldier for Trump.

Last few times in recent weeks I have listened to his radio show it’s been a rant against Hillary and Obama inter spaced with sycophantic Trump can do no wrong preaching.

Because trying to kidnap someone back to a dictatorship is cool.

He served many distinguished years in the military. He was interviewed by Strozk and everything was fine. Months later, Mueller is going after Trump and says Flynn lied. Mueller then began investigating Flynn’s son and early on in that process, General Flynn pleads guilty to lying. Once he did, I didn’t hear anymore about investigating Flynn’s son. When you consider the information and basis that initiated this special counsel vs the information available to Comey on Hillary and the investigation that ensued, the depth of the two investigations and basis established for them…they are at the opposite ends of the universe. Now consider Russian collusion and yet the wide, wide, wide scope Rosenstein gave Mueller to investigate outside that and it’s easy to say…this is a witch hunt.

These people are not for law and order. Many of them are just like Donald Trump.

A bunch of them are southern Donald Trumps. And always have been.

Why would he need a defense fund??? He plead guilty. There will be no trial.

My god - what a weird thing to solicit.

For a witch hunt, there sure are a hell of a lot of witches, aren’t there? What’s the perp walk at now, 6?

Now consider that while investigating Hillary…how many rec’d immunity? Those are the perps that didn’t “walk”. Now tell me that isn’t corrupt?

I caught a bit of him last night. He’s reduced to yelling about how unfair Watergate was, and crying “Whatabout JFKs scandals! Whatabout Lyndon B Johnson’s Scandals! Yes Whatabouts matter!”

He actually said that last sentence word for word.

And he’s supposed to be a lawyer.

Low level people were given immunity so they could try to get charges on high level people, especially when low level people have information that cannot be gotten by other means. It’s common. See Allen Weisselberg.

As a counterfactual, if all that came from the Midyear Investigation a nameless, faceless computer technician get prosecuted for lying to the FBI, you guys would have been screaming that they found a scapegoat to save Hillary.

Really? Seriously? Honestly? Ok…let’s go with that for a second…how many charges on high level people happened?

Secretly working for a foreign government while acting as National Security Advisor used to be considered bad thing.

For one thing, it fits with Cleek’s Law generally: Today’s conservatism is the opposite of what liberals want today: updated daily.

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Oh, oh I know this one: “It would have been a witch hunt. The whole Hillary email investigation was fake news.”

Did I do it right?

None but they didn’t know that when they gave them immunity.

Yes, really, seriously, honestly. You should read the IG report. It says exactly why they did what they did.

Are you really that pissed that they didn’t try to charge a low level guy you never heard of before? A case which the prosecutors thought would be very difficult to prove?

Yeah…I know. That makes perfect sense. There are many cases like that where so many receive immunity and yet…no charges are made. That happens all the time…NOT.

How would you know? The FBI doesn’t make giant announcements in cases when they don’t press charges. That’s the type of misbehavior that they reserve for people like Clinton.