Why is Maricopa County obstructing a forensic audit of the 2020 election ballot collection and count?

The two audits Maricopa County election board performed in lieu of the forensic audit sought by the Senate as per their constitutional responsibility and authority, were neither a) qualified, nor b) forensic audits as the subpoena speaks to. Thay are obstructing an honest investigation of the process used to grant Biden their EC votes.

Maricopa County allowed 36000 non- citizens to vote and 11000 overvotes, preloaded ballots into machines while excluding Republican observers, are hiding evidence and thwarting the Arizona senate’s attempts to closely examine the truth about the Arizona election, allowed hundreds of thousands of in person ballots to be switched to absentee ballots. Why?

The first half of this linked report speaks to this issue, despite the title only referring to the second item.

Fake news

What statement in the news item linked is fake?

That the senate has authority to examine ballots.

who is the judge of elections for the senate?

The Arizona Senate passed a bill Thursday that would grant the Arizona legislature the authority to subpoena election records like ballots and tabulating equipment, and ignore any laws to the contrary.

The bill amends a portion of the Arizona statutes such that county election equipment, systems and records, and other information that is under the control of county personnel “may not be deemed privileged information, confidential information, or other information protected from disclosure.” It also subjects such records to a subpoena and stipulates that they “must be produced” and the legislature’s authority to conduct related probes “may not be infringed by any other law.”

The rule change is to be retroactive as of Dec. 31, 2019, meaning it would apply to records around the November election.

Good luck to the honest people of Arizona. :us:

Literally none of this is true. What is the incentive for 36000 illegal immigrants to vote and risk getting caught and sent back home? Illegal immigrants have nothing to gain and everything to lose by exposing themselves to unnecessary legal jeopardy.

Who found that many votes?

Easy question. They don’t want the truth coming out.

The dems can’t afford for the truth to come out. Reverse one state and the rest (of the questionable states) come into question.

Would destroy their Myth of an above board election.

Why do you assume 36000 illegals all voted for Dems?

What evidence have you seen that 36000 illegals voted period… let alone all for one candidate?

They had 11,600 votes over the total of registered voters. They probably have an answer for that.

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If true, huge news!!! Someone should contact the Trump legal team immediately.

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If they can prove election fraud in Arizona, that paves the way audits in every state. :joy:


Maybe you would just be happier if you just acknowledged the fact that your homeboy lost.


Maricopa County allowed 36000 non- citizens to vote and 11000 overvotes, preloaded ballots into machines while excluding Republican observers, are hiding evidence

Says who? Who verified this?

Maybe keep to the topic? I’m not it.

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Vote totals in every country are public as well as totals of registered voters.

Surely the media could find one of these 36,000 non citizen voters. Right?

Ok. So how does one know that there are 11k over votes AND that those over votes are because of illegals voting?

Is that public information?

All of it. Fake news