Why Is Jacob Blake Anyone’s Cause?

I can’t provide a link as the ones I’ve found are pretty sexually explicit in how he treated the mother of three of his kids. I’m sick of being asked to not judge those who father and mother babies like alley cats.

He couldn’t even live in a household with her, & they’re continuing to make babies together? How stupid is that?

There was a protective order issued against him by the children’s mother, which he clearly violated by being there, in addition to taking her car & making unauthorized purchases with her debit card. He penetrated her without her consent & she could barely be understood by the police officer who was sent by her 9 1 1 call as she was quite upset.

Why is anyone at all making this loser a cause celebre, much less the funds that have been raised to provide for his care?

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I hope most of it is just misplaced good intentions. Blake symbolizes how hugely Kenosha police screwed up. The NFL would be better served by putting Kenosha on their helmets rather than Blake’s name. Blake does not appear to be any kind of hero.

Your sympathy expressed in the second paragraph for the mother sounds insincere after expressing your disgust with breeders in first paragraph. The mother may also be traumatized by the father of her 3 children forever paralyzed. I think the kids who watched their father shot 7 times in the back, as the officer shot bullets into the vehicle they sat in, are traumatized. I hope the mother wanted custody of the children because Jacob probably can’t take care of them now.

Blake has so far not been tried or convicted of anything. It is certainly true he has complicated that trial due to his failure to comply, but the Kenosha police also bear some blame if the city decides now not to pursue trial for the warrant they issued.


I don’t need the perfect victim to see the cops acting like Judge Dredd.


Another example of Burn Loot Murder doing a poor job of picking their martyrs.

Police were responding to a domestic where Blake stole his ex keys. Police also knew on arrival he had a sexual assault warrant.

Video #2, which starts before the first video that came out, clearly shows Blake fighting with police when they tried to arrest him. Police try to taser him but as tasers tend to do it failed.

If you zoom in on video #1, as many have done, you can clearly see Blake as he walks away is carrying on object in his hand that protudes out like a knife would. Resolution is too grainy to say for certain its a knife but the cops were yelling drop the knife at him. A knife is found right where Blake would have dropped it while leaning into the car and being shot.

Blake also claimed he was going to get a gun.

Its not the cleanest shooting but its not one I’d want to be hanging my hat on either to try and claim out of control police.

Someone getting shot in the back seven times at point blank range by a police officer should concern everyone about how we allow police to employ deadly force in this country.

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Agreed. It also shows Officer Sheskey who had lost control of the situation brandish his firearm with a half dozen innocent bystander nearby. Thank God nobody else got shot.

Too funny. You say “clearly” and “Resolution is too grainy to say for certain” back to back. Blake admitted he had a knife in his car to police.

At a news conference Wednesday, Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul said officers fired a Taser at Blake before the shooting, but that it was “not successful.” Kaul said Blake admitted possessing a knife and officers recovered one from the floor of the car he was leaning into when Sheskey opened fire.

You are the only person I know making this allegation. Did you make it up?


Agreed. Non-compliance does not justify deadly force.

Exactly why is it hypocritical to say breeding is stupid? It is.

The recommendation of that particular book is one I’ve read twice. The author points out how certain actions are stupid, but gives advice for how to move on & make parenting a priority.

Why can’t one both points out inappropriate behavior, but not want to see one of the doers violated?

While 7 shots definitely isn’t justified, I’m still not hanging my hat on Jacob Blake as a cause du jour.

I said your sympathy for the mother sounds “insincere” juxtaposed to the comment about breeding. That just how it came across to me.

I don’t get the reference to “that particular book.” sorry.

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You can but it weakens your argument. you should avoid conflicting statement to make you point clear.
If I express my disgust at President Obama for fanning racial tensions for political advantage, but later say President Trump is even worse, it detracts from my first point and unnecessarily complicates my message.
If your point is you are sick of breeders and then express sympathy for a breeder it contradicts your message. If your point is you feel sorry for the babymomma but first insult her choice to breed it comes off as insincere to me.

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Yeah … they should have just beat him senseless like in the good old days.

I have no beef with the police, You want to protest, have at it.


Yours is an abject fabrication.