Why is everyone insane?

and there are usual UFO sightings?

stealth humans … good thing any idiot can vote…

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The Silurian Hypothesis is one of my favorites.

If they’re Reptilian, they probably evolved here on Earth over 60 million years ago, and likely left the planet/built a moon base as a response to the Chicxulub Impact.

They left behind identical, industrial-induced sediment deposits as the ones were leaving in the soils right now (Carbon-14/Nitrogen spikes, etc).

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It’s fascinating and makes more sense to me than aliens from another planet.

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Same. I’m not convinced that any of it is alien at all.

It’s absolutely a fact that the government censors and confiscates patents and tech considered to be “disruptive” to the general economy. Things like water-powered cars, zero point energy, EM warp engines, etc., are all made out to be kooky and fringe (like people used to be for seeing UFOs). That alone is very effective in keeping people away. :man_shrugging:

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A visit to Roswell will cure your astrophobia.

Be sure to wear a wax treated hat when it rains there because the noise of the rain on tin foil will drive your more insane.

Just dont fly too close to the sun because it will melt your wax hat and wings.

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I have been thinking about and researching this ever since the 2017 NYT article, prior to that I dismissed the whole thing. Here are my two leading hypothesis.

  1. Dusty cold plasma can grow and evolve, it’s the most common form of matter in the universe. Entirely possible it could be sentient and advanced but entirely weird and overlooked by us more substantial matter types.

  2. We are in a simulation and UAP are the people(future humans) who created the sim looking around at their creation. We are already starting to make sims populated by AI.

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Consider, the player in this video, is not bound to the games physics and could do any manner of supernatural things.

But then people say, you could never sim the whole universe, which ignores how gaming sims work, they only render what you can see and AI will happily be ordered to treat everything as if it’s real anyway. You can tell Ai to pretend blocky pixels in minecraft are real people, and they will. You can also tell them to act as if they have human feelings, emotions and physiology. And they will. They also lie and hallucinate. Sounds a lot like humans.

Cold dusty plasma entities here. But they could also be simmed

Thank you Sam…I thought it was me… :dancer:

I believe someone high up in the Gov. KNOWS who those are.
So I’d call them ETTs. Extra Terestial Tresspassers. :sweat_smile:

A basic problem in the US is that government policy and the culture of scientists have made it so that many things may be possible, but real investigations are impossible.

Eric Weinstein has a PhD in theoretical physics and has done several videos to discuss the problem. Instead of working at a university or a lab he worked as a hedge fund manager because he realized that it is impossible to do real breakthrough stuff in a university or a lab. Government funding of particular lines of investigation means that there are huge vested to keep theories or results out of peer-reviewed journals that challenge basic theories. Theories or test results can never get through the peer-review process, and anything of military value gets classified. Questions about UFOs are just part of an even larger problem.

Here is an excerpt of a Weinstein interview with Joe Rogan.

An interesting example of how US science culture works are questions related to initiating nuclear reactions. After a brief flurry of interest in the late 1980s, any work related to “cold fusion” was effectively banned from physics journals. Instead, we have a curious situation where earth scientists publish evidence of nuclear reactions from lightning, but nuclear physicists in the US have shown little interest in investigating it.

I’m not familiar with “dusty cold plasma,” but the simulation theory has always made sense to me. Just looking at our current technology and progress, it seems entirely plausible. But could we ever prove it?

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