Why is democratic socialism bad?

im not talking about russian or chinese style socialism. thats not true socialism,its a twisted version of totalitarianism. its definitely not democratic socialism. for every venezuela offered as an example of failed socialism i can offer up a failed capitalistic society.

germany,france,scandinavia and a whole host of countries have varying degrees of democratic socialist economies and have standards of living equal to or higher than teh US without the huge wealth disparity we have,plue they have better education and healthcare systems.

so how is democratic socialism bad???

This should be interesting………………

Why only varying degrees? Why aren’t they fully socialist?

Can I have some of your solar panels? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Amazing how many prop up the idea of socialism. Great liberal ideology of utopia. Everyone shares in the harvest. Pilgrims tried it and didn’t work out so well. Many never contribute it was there for the harvest. They had to change it to you keep what you worked for. Now a days, look no farther than social security. A once choice plan now forced into all of us. Those of us who contribute and calculate what we put into will lose our stomachs to see how much less we get from it.
The idea of socialism should die on the ash heap.

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Why are libs hell bent on changing our republic?

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Our republic has been in constant flux since the revolution.

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Germany,france,scandinavia and a whole host of countries say its works fine.

Why don’t you understand the concept of moderation.

Social Security was not designed to be an investment plan.

But it achieved its objective quite well. Before Social Security, the elderly poverty rate was really high. After SS was implemented, the poverty rate declined quite precipitously.

Nothing was stopping these people from saving on their own for retirement before SS.

I love how everyone is deflecting to simply saying “socialism” is bad and not actually addressing the topic of social democracies.

go ahead with your examples of failed capitalism?


Because equality of outcome is equal, not fair. And there is a difference.

Because no matter how they are chosen, but especially if elected, pols steal.

Because there are producers and there are takers.

Because Americans are mostly individualistic.

Because socialism kills ambition and fosters mediocrity.

Because we fought a war for the right to be individuals.

I can do this all night…



not a good example.

With social security, Medicare, Medicaid, and welfare, we have a degree of socialism here. So, mission accomplished. Now, go home.

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  1. The word “democratic”
  2. The word “socialism”

Once you’re dependent upon the state, how long do you think it will be “democratic”?

But only in moderation, not full blown socialism.

Moderation. As in alcohol consumption. A little will make you stupid, more will make you puke, and to much will kill you. The healthiest option is to abstain.
That’s actually a good analogy to socialism.


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Am home, you leave.