Why is D Trump so fixated on dishwashers?

How absurd is Donald Trump’s rant about dishwashers? One would have thought that he would have better things to do than try to argue (unsuccessfully of course) that modern day dishwashers are not more efficient including the amount of water used.

I don’t know. Why are you so fixated on Trump?


Fixation - An obsessive preoccupation. :rofl:


Which President over the last 4 decades is most likely to have used a dishwasher the most?

I think you have your answer.


Probably Trump.

He brings in foreigners dishwashers to work at his different resorts so he doesn’t have to hire American dishwashers.


Is this measured by post counts? Emojis? Memes?


I can tell you that the dishwasher/shower head/faucet issue resonates with people, especially those who may have had to replace one of those items during previous administrations when regulators and restrictions were put on them. I heard from a repair person that one of the most desirable items among people who are doing a bathroom remodel is an “old model” shower head.

Because liberals have been intent on destroying them.

I live in California and have never had a better bathroom or kitchen, all newly remodeled, and we have the strictest regulations by far.

My showerhead is a 10 gpm beast, rain style, thing is awesome, please show me these showerhead “regulations”. Same with dishwasher, the only reason they take longer is the crazy dry cycles that leave dishes spotless, which is an advancement… You can even turn that off if you desire and have a speed wash just like the outdated systems…

Toilet works with one flush, no plunger has touched it. Zero issues.

Y’all just eat up that propaganda.


It seems very silly for the POTUS to concern himself with plumbing and light bulbs.

Yeh I forgot lights, whole house is lED now, all dimmable, all 10 year plus lights, 1/10 the energy total. It’s fantastic.

These anti-technology whackos eating up the propaganda are nuts.


The new bulbs are really great- I slowly converted as old bulbs burned out- now I haven’t had to change a bulb in several years.

You should impeach him for it.

BTW, In case you didn’t know, the President doesn’t interview or hire dishwashers. Glad I could help.

I thought he was fixated on telling lies over and over again.

My industry is moving heavily to LED lighting. Gives me a job turning them all off and on.

That’s because a steady diet of fruit and nuts doesn’t produce solid stools. :stuck_out_tongue:

People act like we’re in a cooking tips forum and Trump keeps getting brought up when discussing pan frying techniques.

This sounds mighty fatuous.

Tell your “repair person” to take a new shower head and reach in with your fingers or needle nose pliers and take the restrictor out. A child can do it.

Assuming that “repair person” exists, clearly they are terrible at what they do. But thid sounds like a tall tale to make it sound like Donald Trump is not a deeply weird person.


For the mechanically challenged that think they need a repair person.

Good for you. I also remodeled a bathroom (in NJ) in the recent past and both the weak flow in the faucets, and the inferior shower head makes me wish I had kept the old shower head for a month or so after the new one was installed, so I could have the option of switching back. The toilet works well because it wasn’t replaced, much better than the newer model in a downstairs room.

As for my new dishwasher - spotless is what I had with the old one that finally gave out. Now, after wiping and rinsing before they go in the dishwasher, I still have to re-do a half dozen things when they come out.

From around '92 on, all shower heads sold in California were “low flow” models, so perhaps you’re too young to remember what a real shower felt like, and have no basis for comparison.