Why is Capitalism bad?

People ask why is democratic socialism bad, and start threads. But then DS is an alternative to Capitalism.

Now if we take Capitalism out of WW1 and WW2, then what would the world look like today? To simplify the discussion how about we just take America out of WW2.

China is Japan, and Europe is Nazis. There is no democracy, there is no liberty, there is no free press. There are no gay rights.

So all those socially liberal countries only exist because of Capitalism and Freedom.

I realize my correlations are not causations, but misdirection is what I do.

So tell me why is Capitalism bad?

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Who here other than the one avowed Marxist on this board, says that Capitalism is “bad”?

Capitalism, like any economic system, does have it’s imperfections and problems. Pointing out and addressing those problems doesn’t make one anti Capitalist… it just means that there are problems.

Also… discussing historical counter factuals can be fun but in the end it is a fruitless effort.


Capitalism is the best economic system. It says so in the Bible.


anybody that talks favorably about economic class warfare in the wealth gap is anti capitalist. anyone that espouses a viewpoint that it is ok to take from one to give to another is a pseudo Marxist.

own it, don’t call yourself a reformer. just say that individual rights are not important.

I am not discussing historical counter factuals, I am pointing out that the industrial infrastructure that was developed in Capitalistic economies saved the world for everyone. it was economic might that defeated Communism and Nazism, same thing. It was Capitalism that provided the stage for liberals to perform. and what appreciation do liberals give, none.

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You opening premise is false - Democratic socialism is not an “alternative” to capitalism. There’s no point in addressing anything else in this post.

Your wiki is also open.

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actually the bible says quite different, maybe you should read it.

are you stating that DS principles are congruent with capitalism? certainly not.

or are you saying capitalism is all powerful and correct so DS is not important?

Except for a few decades early in it’s history when it was a meaningless economic entity, the US has never been pure capitalist.

Economic Class Warfare happens whether it is talked about or not. It just is. It is a fact of any economic system.

As far as trying to get me to “own it” on personal rights… it depends on what one means. A Capitalist system isn’t necessarily concerned with individual rights as long as there is a buck to be made… no matter what Ayn Rand induced fever dream is being hashed out.

It would also be hard to argue that the US at the time of it’s involvement in WW2 was the Capitalist paradise that you want to make it out to be.

I’m in favor of the economic system that is recommended in the Bible.

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perhaps you should consider current vernacular when you chime in. The U.S. was less capitalistic in its infancy as the idea of Capitalism was brand new or at least embryonic. The first fractional reserve government bank was in 1780 called the Bank of North America. Our first fed which failed.

but do not tell that to the ds people. they want to end Capitalism completely.

I would love to end Capitalism also… but that is not happening anytime until we are in a post scarcity society… so probably never.

AHHH, the word Capitalism flusters you, Capitalism, Capitalism, Capitalism.

I wonder, do our enemies Russia, China, Venezuela and DS ever call America a Capitalist country.

I think so, do they argue about degrees of pure capitalism. No then they would say progressive capitalists since Lincoln.

economic class warfare never occurs, political class warfare does.

finally, no property rights (Capitalism) no political rights (Liberty) that is why they say Capitalism and Freedom.

That link is a perfect description of how accepted that view is…HOT AIR

but you do not know what it is, or cite it if you do.

Capitalism doesn’t fluster me at all. I do what I can to enjoy the fruits of my own labor.

The thing is that I am not being a pollyanna on how the whole thing works.

Oh… and there is very little difference between political class warfare and economic class warfare.

It is silly to try to divide the two things.

Stop trying to oppress me.

My religious beliefs are beyond reproach.

I’m a staff writer at the socialist magazine Jacobin and a member of DSA, and here’s the truth: In the long run, democratic socialists want to end capitalism.

just swallow and admit you are wrong. own it, wrong wrong wrong

You know during WWII The government took over thousands of factories right?