Why is Black support for Trump surging?

I wold posit it’s highly likely that a lot of blacks living in major cities where the violence is spinning out of control, or who have friends and family there are beginning to see that the dem’s are fine with sacrificing their lives and property to get a win in November.

That won’t bode well for them.

If Trump could manage to peel away just a few percent of the Black and Hispanic vote compared to his 2016 campaign it will be virtually impossible for Biden to pull out a win.

Considering how accurate Gallup has been on this for decades I’m thinking I’d lean towards them for accuracy.

As with most elections it will be the independents who decide it.

Yeah…just switch the names of Clinton to Biden and it’s 2016 poll-vu all over again…amirite? :sunglasses:

The hard working, country loving, two parent, children raising, conservative, Christian black community despises BLM and will vote for Trump.

Again with falling for Rasmethesen Polls. They are like Lucy with the football.


Wrong as usual…

Hardworking/Country loving: Sr. Lead Software Engineer(an expert in my field) and leading a team(s) of developers in assisting our Defense Department in accomplishing their mission against cyber terrorism. Have worked alongside our service men for 14 of the 20 years(those other 6 years was working for USAID and the FBI) of my career here in the states and abroad.

Two parent/Children raising: Both me and my wife under the same roof raising our 2 black sons together.

Conservative leaning: On economic and some social issues

Christian: Gave my life to Christ March 25, 2001, active member of the First Baptist Church of Glenarden, which is 95% black, very active in the black community and the diaspora(Africa, Caribbean and South America) . My pastor(who is a conservative) and our church support Black lives due to the demographic of my church, the county it services(which is 75% black) and the fact that it’s our duty as Black Christians to do so. Has BLM been infiltrated by opportunistic anarchist, I’ll yield to that, however we still support it’s initial mission.

So no…sorry…many of us under your umbrella are still not voting for Trump. His divisiveness, lack of a moral compass and the overall way he treats people is deplorable. Like I keep on saying, Trump had a great opportunity to really reach out to a very middle class hardworking predominately black community 15 minutes from the White House and he has failed.

Reagan did it(gave a speech at my future HS in 87, I was there as a 7 y/o elementary school student),

Bush Sr. did it (he spoke at the church I grew up in, I was there too),

Clinton did it,

Bush Jr. did it(he attended a couple of MLK day programs at my church, my pastor worked with him in the faith based initiative),

and Obama did it.
Absolutely nothing from Trump. To be brutally honest, there is a strong disdain for Trump due to his lack of empathy, his disdain for us and the fact that many of us know he’s full of crap no better than and maybe worst than his democrat counterparts. Are there those among us who will still support him…of course, however I guarantee he won’t get more than 10% of the black vote this time around. I’m one of millions that line up under your above standard who want Trump to go kick rocks.


Trump won 8% of the black vote in 2016.

So is that closer to the WaPo poll or the Rasmussen poll?


Rasmussen poll only uses land lines.



First…congrats on your success and how it sound like you’re making some excellent choices that are paying great dividends. I wish you well my friend. Now…that said, you’re a part of the 70%, not the 30% mentioned that I am addressing.

Trump did better with Blacks and Hispanics than Romny and will almost certainly do even better with both in November. Just a few more points with both will make it almost impossible for Biden to pull out a win.

trump wont get 10% of the black vote.
why do you think the GOP is doing everything they can to prevent blacks from voting. they know that 90% or more will vote Dem

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Well that’s pure fabricated Bull ■■■■ but then you’ve used the same Shtick in every election cycle so it’s expected.

…sounds like a pizza bet? I’m in. :sunglasses:

The article is about how they’re optimistic because of BLM and other progressive movements. The story that tells is the opposite of the story Rasmussen is fabricating.

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As “evidence of justifications” for the changes to early voting, the State offered purported inconsistencies in voting hours across counties, including the fact that only some counties had decided to offer Sunday voting. Id. The State then elaborated on its justification, explaining that “[c]ounties with Sunday voting in 2014 were disproportionately black” and “disproportionately Democratic.” J.A. 22348-49. In response, SL 2013-381 did away with one of the two days of Sunday voting.

See N.C. State Conf., 2016 WL 1650774, at *15. Thus, in what comes as close to a smoking gun as we are likely to see in modern times, the State’s very justification for a challenged statute hinges explicitly on race – specifically its concern that African Americans, who had overwhelmingly voted for Democrats, had too much access to the franchise.

Do you get a discount from dominos for all the pizza you owe.



So you don’t think 4 years of ■■■■ hole countries and good people on both sides and calling protestors violent anarchy thugs and saying “cops kill white people too” and saying he discovered Juneteenth and handling coronavirus with massive incompetence and praising the confederacy hasn’t resulted in a 22 point swing towards Trump? :rofl:


You’re really willing to be he’s gonna get more black votes than any Republican in 52 years?

Do you know anyone who said I didn’t pay?

yummy, yummy, yummy I got pizza in my tummy. :sunglasses:

Then bet is 10% of the black voters…you in?