Why hasn't Sarah Sanders jumped ship?

She’s still out there lying about the news today. You’d think she’d be looking to pack her bags to avoid sinking with the rest of the rats.

Why are libs obsess with her?

Maybe she should know her place…don’t you think?

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Because she’s as dumb as her boss.


What is her place?

I’m sure Sanders, ironically, thinks of herself as a Godly woman, being all religious and everything. Of course in reality she’s a despicable, lying mouthpiece for the most corrupt administration in our history.

She is an immoral partisan hack, with ZERO sense of honor, patriotism or decency.

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Where’s she gonna go?

She’s got to pay the bills.

Oh look at libs superiority complex…but basically we all know it’s nothing more then mask to cover up their inferiority and failures.

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Normally, being White House Press Secretary would be a golden parachute into a 6-figure job at a DC “consultancy”, as soon as she decided to walk away.

I don’t see that happening with SHS. Shes got a big cross to bear, I almost feel bad.

How do you feel about Individual 1 directing Cohen to commit crime… twice?

Who cares as long as it wasn’t Trump.

It’s an easy job with a nice salary

Here. Have a Snickers.


I have been asking myself this as well. She has already proven herself as being able to defend the indefensible. She even seemed to take some satisfaction in it. Maybe shes just taking notes during this period for her inevitable book deal.

When she’s done at the WH she can become a spokesperson for mob lawyer or someone that likes kids too much.

Kind of amusing coming from someone who salivates every single time the “Hillary” bell is rung.

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