Why fox news is sooo important


I have cable with Fox, CNN and MSNBC and watch neither…almost never. I can’t recall a time that I watched any.
When I talk about Fox, WashPo, CNN I am generally talking about online news articles included in each, not the cable channels.
Oh…and I will also check out Breitbart but rarely mention it here because of the heat…unless I can trace a story there to another source which I will then reference.
Which brings me to another point…how well does an article trace to its sources? Is the story based on something that is documented and/or believable as a source? My unproven suspicions is that this is very lax with some media sources as long as it is an anti Trump article.

Oh…and if there is a significant story it may be best to use a search engine or two to see what others are saying.


Cons went ballistic when Obama suggested they quit listening to Rush. Once.

This president is working overtime to paint any negative press as “fake news”. Sadly, he’s succeeding. The proof is all around us.

This is dangerous. I wish he would’ve also added “We’ll never be a monarchy” to his SOTU reading.


NOthing wrong with suggesting that an article have adequate sourcing documented. Is it a rumor or a fact?


They’re not without some occasional spin but, I like Fox.

They keep me informed on what CNN and MSNBC are doing and what I should think about it.

Saves flipping through the channels.


If no one will go to work for the administration who’s running all of those offices?


Hardly anyone. And Acting heads don’t have the same authority as do those confirmed to the position.,

“As the Trump administration begins its third year, a quarter of the President’s Cabinet is filled by acting department heads. On top of that, across the government, almost 40% of key leadership positions that require Senate confirmation are vacant, according to the Partnership for Public Service, a nonprofit focused on good governance.”


Just before the election, one of Fox’s lead anchors, Bret Baier, ran with the “Hillary’s server was 99% definitely hacked, and an indictment against Hillary is imminent.” His only sources were “two separate sources with intimate knowledge of the FBI investigations…”

And he ran with that story six days before the election. That was SUPER irresponsible as neither were able to be proven, and he had to walk back his story.

This isn’t out of the ordinary at Fox, unfortunately. They’re literally guilty of all the things CNN/MSNBC/etc. accused of. The only difference is the version of the spin they weave.


Yeah, that is very out of the ordinary.

(again, for the record, I don’t watch Fox channel, just the news articles online)


It certainly isn’t out of the ordinary for Fox.


There are over 4,000 appointed positions, only a few of them require senate approval.

Try again.


Underlings don’t run things. They take direction from the people who do. And people who do are MIA in this administration.


Seriously? That’s what you’re going to run with? What agency or department hasn’t got someone working at the head?

They all take their directions from the cabinet member who oversees their department or agency.

It is the permanent employees who run every agency and department within the federal gov’t.


25% who are Acting heads and they don’t have the same authority.

So, yes. That is my position and too bad for you if don’t like it.


You’re just making it up as you go along. Every head, acting or otherwise has the same authority over their department or agency.


“Acting officials can serve in their posts for only 210 days, because of limitations set in the Vacancies Reform Act. Temporary leaders can have trouble rallying their employees and senior staff, who see them as without real power. They can also have a hard time developing relationships across the government, including with Congress, undercutting their ability to get things done.

On Capitol Hill, Republican lawmakers are cold to Trump’s suggestion that he can simply leave acting officials in their posts indefinitely.

“Not OK with that,” Oklahoma Republican Sen. James Lankford said when asked about Trump’s reliance on acting heads for his agencies. “We need to get Senate-confirmed people in those positions.”

Lankford said having acting secretaries has a significant impact because their authority can be more limited than that of Senate-confirmed nominees. “They can’t execute all policy when they are acting,” he told CNN. “Anytime you have an acting, they can’t perform all the duties that a Senate-confirmed appointee can.”


And once again every cabinet secretary position has been filled.

Try again.



25% are Acting Secretaries.

Your deflection won’t work on me. I suggest you stop while you’re behind.


Every position had been filled by May 2017.

There is a thing called “turnover” and the Senate will act when it acts.

Temp or not, they all have the same exact authority.


More deflection.

No, they do not.


The truth is not a deflection.

Cite the statute which limits the powers of temporary appointees.