Why does Scott Pruitt still have a job in the Trump Admin. after trying to get a favor from Chick-fil-A?

OK, so the latest problem facing Scott Pruitt is the Washington Post story that he tried to get a Chick-fil-A franchise for his wife. (First link). I’m not holding up anyone’s analysis (second link) as the answer, just as commentary, but seriously, when someone as conservative as Joni Ernst says he’s the “swampiest,” you’d think he’d have been run out of town on a rail. But he’s hasn’t been.

What’s the holdup, folks?


Promised free chicken biscuits to the administration? I’d keep him around for that…

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This guy’s picture is right next to “swamp creature” in the dictionary. He is under multiple investigations. I’m sure Trump can find another lackey to take his place.

Given the months-and-months-and-months long Pruitt ■■■■ show, it’s amazing how little attention he’s received on this forum.

How anyone actually intent on “draining the swamp” would keep this marshy, watery-stalk of a creature around is incomprehensible.

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I guess at the end of the day conservatives simply believe that corruption is in the eyes of the beholder. By many metrics Pruitt’s behavior is unethical and contradicts all the rhetoric about “draining the swamp”. But since he’s one of Trump’s boys the Trumpists will find little objectionable about Pruitt’s many misdeeds. They’ll likely immediately go to some whataboutism or just point blank say they’re fine with this kind of behavior.

Where, oh where are the trumpsters?

The fact that a few brave R’s have actually criticized him is a mindblower.

Why does Scott Pruit still have a job?

Because “But Hillary.”


its actually genuinely hard to find an article that has a complete collection of all that has come out because every other day there is something else.

That there aren’t more threads on Pruitt and his MASSIVE conflicts of interest is a direct reflection of just how awful this administration is. A vile creature like him doesn’t even rise to the top of the slime bucket.

He just sort of gets lost in the static.

In any remotely normal administration, this story would regularly be front and center.

I’m wondering if any Trump fans are still holding out hope for that swamp to be drained. From an energy perspective, if we can somehow harness the power of swamp gas, Trump will have solved our energy concerns for decades.

My favorite was where he had himself made 12 silver fountain pens, custom made from a boutique DC jeweler, emblazoned with the EPA emblem and his signature. For $1500.00. Taxpayer dollars.

12 pens.

Only the best! For Scott!

and narry a Peep on the entire Ben Carson situation anymore. there just is not enough time or reporters