Why does Rod Rosenstein still have a job?

Because he didnt investigate Kav of course LOL!


…cuz the damn of the swamp has not been lowered passed the level he’s floating at.

…drip, drip, drip…:sunglasses:

…Because Rosentein is cool.

He was so close too. So how far did Kav raise the swamp level?

Making ultra-extreme, important conclusions as you’re alluding to, based on the flimsy, questionable, information provided as in this case, seriously discredits your discernment capability.

After the election Trump is going to have more flexibility.


He still has a job because Trump only hires the best and the brightest.

Hence, Rosenstein is one of the best and the brightest…

Because he kissed trumps ass…

it is a union thing…

Oh the irony that this post came from this poster…

I know…:sunglasses:

Ring of Fire?