Why Didn't POTUS Convene Congress?

Thank you for the concise explanation.

Thank you.

Thank you.

(I still think it’s ■■■■■■■■ for Congress to run away while employees are out of work for politics.)


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Pragmatically, it is necessary. They know nothing will pass in this Congress and the new Congress is rapidly approaching.

Departing Members of Congress are required to vacate their office space by December 14th and most of their staff are gone by now. Much of the Congressional staff is on vacation. New Members of Congress are setting up their offices and are taking orientation classes.

Simply put, the mechanics right now would make it all but impossible for the Congress to conduct any legislative business right now.

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Thanks, Safiel.

Because he needed them to not convene, so he could continue to rail on them, and shut down the government. He couldn’t convene congress. It goes against his tail wagging the dog narrative.

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Well hey, at least he didn’t bill himself as an expert on constitutional law and then pretend he had the power to declare congress wasn’t in session and have the Supreme Court spank his bottom, like Obama did.


I thought that Congress had technically never recessed?

What President Obama did doesn’t eliminate nor erase his being an expert on Constitutional Law, it merely shows he, like most every President in my lifetime, trying to go beyond Constitutional Law in pushing the Presidential power envelope.

Thanks for the details of what I knew was happening.

I wondered about that in that, did, Mitch and Paul leave D.C. in that manner to keep Donald from trying any recess appointments?


No worries there. There is no way Trump will ever be considered a constitutional law expert by sane people.


I wonder what historians will say that Donald Trump is an expert on. Insulting and belittling people? Hiding money? Lying?

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That is what will be Fat Donald’s legacy.

Sowing the seeds of chaos wherever he goes.

The man is a natural disaster walking.

Which will be ignored by the usual suspects because… facts

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I don’t know that in other shutdowns Congress ever left town like they did here.

Up until today, there had basically been no discussions on reopening the government.

It’s pretty weird.

That is on Congress. They chose to leave.

It’s on Congressional leadership. They set the calendar. McConnell is a wimp and Ryan is a rat.

Why you need a Queen girl can convene a Congress anytime she want.