Why didn't more people vote in your state?

Here in Wyoming, we have 577,737 people (give or take a few thousand).

According to the voting map, only 266,899 people voted. That’s less than half. Even if you subtract for kids not of voting age, that’s still a terrible percentage.

Wyoming has always been a Republican state (Trump won the state comfortably), so I suppose 300,000 people just didn’t feel there was any point in voting…

How many “battleground” states were there?

You had areas where more people voted then people of legal voting age.

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You’re talking about Wyoming? Where exactly was this?

My state came through. Wisconsin had more voters than registered voters.

And you received a tweet that said this?

DId you do any research to see if it was true?

“BREAKING: Wisconsin has more votes than people who are registered to vote,” tweeted Mike Coudrey, who describes himself as an activist, entrepreneur and investor. “Total number of registered voters: 3,129,000. Total number of votes cast: 3,239,920. This is direct evidence of voter fraud.”

This post was flagged as part of Facebook’s efforts to combat false news and misinformation on its News Feed. (Read more about our partnership with Facebook.)

Coudrey, who on Election Day tweeted two other inaccurate claims that we debunked, has since deleted the tweet. But not before it was shared widely on Twitter and Facebook, where one account wrote: “Proof voter fraud in Wisconsin materializes.”

We reached out to Coudrey about his tweet but did not immediately receive a reply.

His claim drew the attention of New York Times reporter Sheera Frenkel, who quickly called it out as misinformation.

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stated on October 7, 2020 in a post on Facebook

“Shredded Pennsylvania Mail in ballot Applications were discovered in a trailer. The applications were for @realDonaldTrump.”


By Aaron Sharockman • October 8, 2020

“There are more than 3.6 million registered voters in Wisconsin. Look for yourself,” she tweeted, sharing a link to the Wisconsin Elections Commission.

According to the commission, as of Nov. 1, the state had more than 3.6 million active registered voters.

Question - how many people think that there were shredded ballots for Trump found in a Pennsylvania trailer (as opposed to printer’s waste).

If you believe it, why do you think those ballots weren’t burnt so there’d be no proof they ever existed. Instead they were left in a trailer for someone to conveniently find?

18 years and over 364,909 73.9

You had 73% of those 18 and over vote. Now you need to remove felons from the total, those in prison (felons). And wonder what your percentage is.

Apparently it was 46%.

Wyoming is one of those states that lets people register and vote on the same day.

Why weren’t republicans poll watchers allowed into Philadelphia to monitor the vote counting?

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I wax looking at the total population and how many the poster said voted

Answer my questions too, please.

As for yours, apparently it did happen to one person, but was “quickly corrected” when the rules were clarified that Republican poll watchers would be allowed.

The Philadelphia poll watchers were, apparently, put in by a “troublemaker” specifically to sow doubt about the legitimacy of the vote.

And just who are poll watchers? They aren’t people officially appointed to watch the polls, they are partisan folks who have their own axe to grind.

It was one guy, it was a mistake and it was corrected.

Nobody would think anything of things didn’t happen like last night we’re all used to Florida having something weird going on or getting to 97% and stopping.

I am not saying nefarious happened but it was odd going to bed and Wisconsin was +4 Trump at 90% then waking up and its 95% and Trump is a now point behind, and it happened in all three rust belt states who stopped counting last night.

So the moral of the story is people need to get their act together and do the election right if they don’t want people coming up with conspiracy theories or feel like the election was outright stolen. I’m told the people in Alabama and West Virginia are backwards but they seem to be able to do an election right and at least count votes in a reasonable amount of time to declare a winner.

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An excellent moral for both parties.

It’s ridiculous that in the USA there’s not better security and efficiency in getting votes counted.

Thank you for correcting me.

You can’t just walk in and say I’m a poll watcher. You have to have properly documented credentials. I was a poll watcher for many years. They just don’t let anyone in. I would guess that someone didn’t have proper credentials