Why did Trump Willfully Ignore a National Emergency In His First Two Years?


Why did he not address this super mega drastic supercalafragalisticexpealadociously monstrous national emergency when he had a majority?

It is almost like it didn’t exist until the pieces were in place for him to be a victim and sucker his constituents into being the same.


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Once the Dems took the House it was suddenly a massive crisis/ two years in to his presidency. It’s so dumb you would think a third grader wouldn’t buy his BS- ah well.


Why would you need to declare an emergency when you have both chambers?

Although the 11th dimension Donald knew he could do that anytime but if he waited and lost either or both chambers, he could then blame his failure on the dems, declare an emergency, and make it a fresh issue for 2020.

He could have had $25B for the wall and had the DACA issue resolved but noooo.

First rule of Trump Victimhood is that you never talk about Trump Victimhood.

Second rule: find a bogeyman.

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I just don’t understand why millions can’t see him for what he is.

I’m surprised at it’s success rate.

Because it’s not an emergency.

He couldn’t have pulled this off on day one. (He won’t pull it off now either)

To get to this point, we had to be so over exposed to trump and his enablers blatant hypocrisies that this wouldn’t get immediately shut down by republicans. He’s got them fully in the pocket now. He owns Mitch. Too late though.

How many licks does it take to get to the tootsie roll center of a tootsie-pop? The world may never know.

A lot see him as revenge for the first black president IMO.

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Because he is a con man and nothing more.

yeah, he’s just a con man.

not a very good one either (unless you consider that he knows the 6 things to say to keep the base in line).

real freakin talk right here!

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i’ve even posted that it had to play out this way (after the first minority, female or non-Christian President). all this madness really does make sense.

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I appreciated the caravan crisis that Trump stopped talking about the day after the midterm election. Oh and that also goes for that extra 10% tax reduction we were all going to get.

Because he was busy addressing Chain Migration?

… … … … … You know, using it for his in-laws so that his wife’s parents could get citizenship.



that’s really funny.