Why are you voting for Trump?

Yes libs, I realize that you are not voting for Trump. So I guess this is aimed more towards the conservatives here. Please give me just one reason per reply.

I’ll start.

I like low energy costs. I’m voting for Trump because we are the top oil producer in the world. The dems have vowed to change that. I prefer being in first place. :trophy:

I voted for Trump in 2016 to see what would happen.

I’m voting for him this year to see what continues to happen.


What if I, as a freedom lover, isn’t voting for Trump?

Freedom lovers. About Trump’s GOP? About Trumpism?

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Wrong thread. Why don’t you start a topic asking this?

I used Federal tax credits to subsidize my solar panels 5 years ago, so now I can run my AC as much and as long and as cold as I want and my July electric bill will be about $5.00.

One reason I will be voting for Joe.


Then I’m guessing that you will not be posting your reason to vote for Trump? Duh? :man_shrugging:

Joe didn’t do that. And Trump won’t end that. If he wanted to, it would already be done.

No. Your words. Answer. Don’t answer. I still question putting ‘freedom’ anywhere near President Bible Groper.

Okay. Thanks for that. Next.

Lol - I’m steering away from voting for Trump because I’m a freedom lover

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Okay. Thanks for your input. I changed my phrasing just for you! Check it out! :wink:

i don’t need one reason. i agree with 90% of what he’s done, and the things i don’t agree with are not in my top tier issues.

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thank me for paying for your panels, you can send the check anytime

He is the head of the GOP ticket.

then you don’t love freedom. you just hate trump

I know. I was just trying to get a lot of diverse things that people like.

I am voting for trump because its capitalism vs socialism. The libs hatred for the top 1 percent and trying to stick it to them will backfire and effect my lowly living.

okay. 1. A President should be entertaining.

I’m voting for Trump because I’m worried that Biden will bring rampant nepotism into the White House.