Why are we still having the Olympics?

Because the Japanese government invested billions into it.

can you list the political wokeness at the Olympics this year outside of the one time the U.S soccer team knelt before the start of a game.

American media is politicized, the rest of the world is quite enjoying the Olympics and watching people chase their dreams.


The opening ceremony drew the biggest tv audience in Australia for the year.

The drone planet was cool.

I love the Olympics, and I love to see the US kicking ass. I disagree with political protests there—the Olympics should be about representing your country, not criticizing it—but I’m not going to let a few athletes who feel differently prevent me from watching and rooting for my country.

Why are you asking me to do that?

I’m asking what has been political about this Olympics the only event I can think of is the start of Woman Soccer everything else has been normal.

coverage has been completely non political in Canada, outside the fact that all our metal have been won by Woman :smile:

I don’t know. I haven’t watched any of it. I didn’t say there was heaps of politics being injected this time. I know there has been some and I expressed my opinion on the principle.

none of it being pushed by the Olympian outside of the Soccer team, your issue is with American Media personalities.

Nope. Don’t be racist. My opinion applies to all nations.

Certain antisemitic competitors refusing to play Israelis in Judo is another case in Tokyo

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Paul: the Olympics are political!
Canadian: who? how?
Paul: well um, I don’t actually know
Canadian: American media
Paul: Racism!


And this -

You are arguing a point that I’m not making. Why?


Yes, I liked that very much.

But that was pretty much it.

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The olympics must be pure and only about the sports, the athletes and the countries they proudly represent. It’s been contaminated with politics and that is a deal breaker for me.


Never been impressed with them.

Too much focus on events I have no interest in.

It is a bore shifting away from the promotion.

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In which Olympic games did that first occur?

? With a vote like that, it doesn’t sound like “Carter’s politics”.

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