Why are we not talking about China "re-education" camps

we had a media storm about families being separated at the Southern border but China is doing it on a scale of millions.

how are we letting this happen on a international scale has China become that untouchable.

There are lots of bad things happening in China that we don’t talk about.

We never should have opened trade with them in the first place.


People’s 401K’s disagree.

Slave owners before the civil war made a nice profit.

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Not saying I disagree with your original point. We’re just kind of stuck with China for the foreseeable future.

Organ harvesting is good money. $1 billion a year according to an international tribunal.

There are no Chinese companies in my portfolio. Don’t much care if people who invest in slave labor take a haircut.

That’s good for you. Me neither.

However that doesn’t change the point we’re stuck with China for the foreseeable future.

Only way we wouldn’t have been would have been to add an element of “central planning” to our economy.

But that’s bad…amirite?

It’s a shame that the old rumor of being able to sell one’s left testicle for 30k turned out false.

Have you invested in any companies that make products in China?

Probably, hard to avoid. Still willing to lose money rather than prop up China’s human rights abuses. Some things are more important than money.

Little sympathy for Muslims in the West, the left ignores red China abuses and the right follows the Trump line for that mythical new trade agreement that will make everything fine.

Looks like people were talking about them, and now we are.

Help is on the way!

“She is, I would say, far more extreme than President Trump on what it would take to be able to have a trade deal,” Cramer says.