Why are troops still in dc?

Ted Lieu be might have let the cat out of the bag.


The troops are still in DC because of the impeachment hearing.

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Yeah, I bet they will be going home soon

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Why no troops for the first ‘peachment clown show?

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You really don’t know the answer to that?

No Russkies this time?

Because the first impeachment wasn’t immediately preceeded by a bunch of MAGA yokels storming the US Capitol building?

If they’re waiting for Trump to say the election was not fraudulent, I’ll leave the light on for ya. :sunglasses:

So let’s bet a pizza that when the impeachment hearing is over, they’ll still be there…k? :sunglasses:

Why wasn’t someone impeached for the blms and the Aunt Fi Fis burning, looting, killing and assaulting police officers and civilians?


I dunno. Google is free. Let us know what you find.

Well that’s interesting.

They are in DC because the rednecks scared the ■■■■ out of the Ruling Class.

It is a vote of no confidence in the police.


Obviously. Do you blame them?


Not the ranks, their leadership.


Who told you that?

Ted disagrees.

Capital Police chief resigned. He should have, I believe he declined additional security forces knowing there were credible threats of mob violence. Hopefully during this ‘peachment clown show the ex-chief (and others) get deposed and have to testify. If they knew trouble was coming regardless of who was attempting “armed insurrection”, they should have never made it to the steps of the Capital Building.

Who would have stopped them?