Why are the Ebola threads disappearing?

I think they are interesting.

Spamming retread

But it’s fun discrediting these posts. But I get that.

They are meant to drive traffic to a 3rd party site for revenue generation. If they want to advertise they are welcome to pay to do so.

By the way make sure to buy some medical masks and spare yourself from an Ebola infection :rofl:

I ain’t fraid of no Ebola!

Lol. Read The Hot Zone. You will be.

Yes…if I lived in west Africa. i live in the USA where the clumate, environment, and healthcare system would not allow for Ebola to take toot here.

The book is still scary as hell, and I read it in the 90’s when it wasn’t really even a slight possibility here. Scariest thing I’ve ever read.

And it’s still not a possibility here. Don’t get me wrong. There may be a time where there are numerous cases of Ebola here, but it won’t reach crazy monkey outbreak levels.

Oh don’t get me wrong either. I do not think there will be an outbreak here. I’m just saying how scary the disease is, and how scary the book was. :slight_smile:

And it would not be scary in Africa if the UN and WHO actually spent some money on the healthcare infrastructure there. It currently is nothing more than some under supplied doctors in woefully inadequate buildings.

I read that book back in the day, too.

Now I just read a newer book on infectious diseases, where they talk about epidemiologists cringing when someone brings up that book.

I guess they consider it hyperbolic, exaggerated, untrue, and fear-mongering.

It does not take into account epidemiology at all. Just the disease as if it could be transmitted to anyplace in the world.

It can’t.

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That’s kind of comforting, lol. Are you a medical student?

Only asking because those books aren’t light summer reading. :wink:

No. I have a masters degree in Health Admin…and as such did some extensive study in epidemiology. Most of the crap you here from the internet on Ebola, or heard about the past outbreak was from idiots who knew nothing about Ebola, epidemiology or difference between health care in the US vs West Africa.

The US environment is not conducive to Ebola living long. It needs a warm humid climate like the jungles of Africa.

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Everybody on the right side, was so bent blaming Obama, they thru all logic out the window. They were so ready to distrust the CDC they actually believed the CDC was lying to us about everything.

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Here is a pretty factual ABC news piece for you.

That’s pretty helpful, thanks, and should calm the fears of those spreading the ebola outbreak stories. Of course it won’t…

Another on why Ebola spreads…and it’s not because it is easily spread…

It’s poor medical infrastructure.

Lol, no I’m not. It was written for general audiences, like The Hot Zone.

Nonfiction is about the only kinds of books I read, especially medical/science topics.