Why all of a sudden do I need approval to reply back

Is it just me or anybody else? I replied back to a post and said I had to wait for a moderators approval? Why now,?


Probably because you mistakenly used a word that flags the post for moderator approval. There is a list of words that will notify the mods, to help ensure the board isn’t flooded with bots, trolls, and porn stuff.

I wouldn’t take offense my friend. I think we’ve all had a post or two needing mod approval for a flagged word. Most of the time it’s completely innocuous on our parts. But it keeps the forum safer.


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Change the wording.

I believe you were correct. Bad wording. My bad thanks

Typically it means you’ve included a word (or two) that requires mods to approve the reply or it’s in the post you replied to.

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You were trying to include a term in your post that would have given you a timeout. Thank the word filter. He’s a good widdle word filter. Yes he is!