Whose Idea Was This?


I always wonder what kind of idiot looks at this and says, “Yep!”

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Looks like my kids 5th grade culmination.

John Kerry.

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A group picture has always been a part of these meetings. And the host is always put front center.

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In which country was it held? That might be the answer.

Is that the new G7 Leader Collectible Series from the Franklin Mint?


UK. That is why Boris is front and center.

It’s the character select screen for the worst fighting game ever.


Or an album cover for some weird band from the 90s.


In the clip of this I saw on my local news, the queen was sitting in a chair in the center where Johnson is standing. It was almost like a funny out take as she looked over at Johnson and quipped something like ‘Is this one of those things where you have to look like you’re enjoying yourself?’

Trudeau looks as “woke” as it gets…and I’d wager, underneath that suit…is a tattooed sleeve. :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

gee seven? no, that’s nine…

but the vote count was honest…

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The two women don’t count… :rofl:


… as for these America Last international accords … leave them

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What does he have to do with it?

Whose ide was what? I honestly don’t understand.

Not as bad as this one -

I actually don’t see any problem with either images. Ok except the bottom one has one white person among all asians. Just an observation but no complaint.

That one is horrible too.

Ripped from Funny Political Pictures

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