Who will win? Dick Morris is they key

The easiest and surest way to predict elections is to bet against Dick Morris.

Forget the polls. If Morris says that X will win, that means that Y will win.
So far Morris hasn’t made a prediction. The closest he has came to it is to say that the polls are wrong - that Biden is only leading by 1 point.
I’ll keep watching him. As soon as he predicts a winner, I’ll let you know.


If he predicts Trump, keep quiet please. It’ll ruin my day. :sunglasses:

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If he predicts Trump, its all over. I’m keeping my fingers crossed he won’t.


Considering how 2020 has gone so far, he may actually be right this year - lol


If Morris is ever right, the sky will be full of flying pigs.


Chances are Morris will predict Hillary in a landslide!

He did that in 2016.

Morris predicts a Trump blowout. Even potentially winning the popular vote.

Trump should sweep the battleground states, likely carrying not only Pennsylvania and Michigan but also New Hampshire, Ohio, Wisconsin, Florida, North Carolina, Georgia, Arizona, Iowa, and Nevada. He might even carry Minnesota. If the predictions in the reliable polls hold true, he could beat Biden in the electoral college by 323-215, nineteen more votes than he won in 2016.

The popular vote is likely to be close (as opposed to the 2.6% by which Hillary won it) and may even go to Trump.




The Oracle has spoken!

Dick Morris: Trump will win in 2020
Biden campaign headquarters:


Reliable polls?

As Nate Silver pointed out, Trafalgar’s cross-tabs are off the rails insane.

In Michigan, Trafalgar predicts Trump wins 28% of the Black vote, 52% of the Hispanic vote, 30% of the Democratic vote, and only 72% of the Republican vote. He’s got Trump taking independents from Biden by 32 points.

He’s got Biden winning 25% of the GOP vote.

If you believe these totals…you’re basically saying you’re in favor of electing a Liberal Democrat.

Come on, man!


That is what makes Morris’ prediction all the more hilarious. :rofl:

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That does it. It’s all over. :unamused:

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You’re the one with the OP saying all elections are Opposite Dick Day.

Dick Morris and Trafalgar… that’s a match made in heaven. Or perhaps Hell, Michigan.

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Let’s hope Morris is more like a broken clock. It could be he is right at least twice in a day.

Could have been worse.

Could have been Trump’s Own Pollster Mr. John “Eric Cantor will win by 32 points” McLaughlin.

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Dick Day? You lost me.

Right now it looks like Morris has scored again.
He predicted Trump in a landslide and Biden won.
His record remains unblemished. He is always wrong.
Think of the implications. A person can move to Las Vegas and make a phenomenal living betting against Morris’ predictions.

In addition, presidential candidates who spend billions campaigning can stop campaigning and stop spending money. They only have to slip Morris enough money to predict that their opponent wins. That would seal it for them. A hundred thousand dollars should do it.