Who will be president at the end of 2021

Who will be presidentin 2021 ?
  • Biden
  • Harris
  • Trump

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I don’t think the polls are lying.
Trump is going to find out how much the American public don’t like him in three weeks.
It could be the biggest upset in modern political history.
Film at eleven.

We shall see. Now will biden get k i ked to the side so Harris can assume the presidency? He is the proxy contender to get Harris in.

Biden will serve out his term. All of the crazy talk about his health is BS. And then he will make a decision.

We shall see. I don’t agree with you on a couple of points. But I have no crystal ball.

No one does. 2016 showed us that. But I do believe that this will be a turnout race. And from what I see today the turnout is going to be massive. And that IMHO is bad news for Trump.

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Biden has a better chance of getting Mayor Pete pregnant than he does of being elected president .


We shall see. It will be interesting. We may be at a crossroad in our constitutional federal republic . It may continue or may not. Could it turn into a Venezuela?

I would like to hope that is true, Mark.

Why isn’t Pence on the list?

I was thinking about adding, why would you think that?

Trump isn’t all that healthy and not much younger than Biden. Also he might die from Covid.

He had Covid and recovered. He is healthy, little overweight which is normal for his age.

Unfortunately do to this constant lying and exaggerating i can’t take his word for that. You can feel like you’re doing better and then suddenly go down hill. I think if he’s fine by this weekend he’ll be out of the woods unless he gets it again.

Here we go Trump is lyin

Yes. You act like it’s a non issue that the PUSA is a compulsive liar.

Trump may win the race, you vote for Trump, Mr. Fallenturtle? Nope

Are you talking about Biden or Harris ? The wannabe potus. Trump will win

Why does that matter?

What matters?