Who wants to raise taxes on the super wealthy to pay for healthcare—Liz warren

So what is wrong with taxing the super rich to pay for healthcare of the poor.

Nothing in my book.

It’s a great idea who’s time has come.

What do all the other forumites think?


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Everyone knows healthcare is a komma-nyst trojan horse. Pay your own way or get busy dying to decrease the surplus population.

Now if you’ll excuse me, gotta go pick up Grandmama’s 7 Medicare prescriptions.

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Because you should have to pay for your own health issues. If your health fails through no fault of your own, you should be expected to pay for it.

As long as it’s someone else who is paying for it I’m all for it . . .

Am I right?

What happens when the super rich all leave the country? Tax tax tax . . . that’s all most liberals can think of (except for the low income erners then it’s give give give.)

We should all be really nice to the super rich so maybe they will be nice to us.

To where?

Not their responsablility to “be nice” and pay for everything.

Free healthcare (unless your super rich)
Free education (unless your super rich)
Free child care (unless your super rich)
Free housing (unless your super rich)
Free food (unless your super rich)
Free transportation (unless your super rich) (How else are the poor going to get around when the new green deal jacks fuel prices to $13+ a gallon, and the only electricity is from renewables that are not reliable.)

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The wealthiest and most powerful country to ever exist on the planet not being able to provide the most basic of comforts for it’s citizenry because of an ideological worship of the really wealthy is one of the most bizarre things that I could ever think of.


I would say it is a damning indictment and a stain on the country.

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Has that ever happened? When taxes were much higher at times in the past, did rich people flee? Where did they go?

Raising taxes on the rich doesn’t preclude taxes on the poor. In my opinion everyone should pay at least some amount, so healthcare, etc., wouldn’t be “free” for anyone.

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If we don’t give them massive tax breaks and other taxpayer funded goodies, they’ll leave!


Seriously though, take that reasoned response elsewhere.

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They’ll go to a country without universal healthcare.

Maybe they’ll go to France or Germany. No, probably not, too much tax.

Maybe they’ll go to Sweden or Denmark. No, not there either, too much tax again.

Wait, I got it! They’ll go to Somalia. Somalia has just the kind of government and tax structure they would appreciate.


Correct. I’m sure they go to church every sunday too

This argument seems particularly dumb to me. Free Healthcare for everyone would by definition include free healthcare for the super rich. Unless you’re arguing the super rich somehow aren’t included in the basic collection of mankind.

Everyone needs to pay their share, and the rich do not.

Let me put this in simple terms. Poor won’t pay anything for their healthcare. Supper rich with pay their share, the poor’s share, and some of the middle class share for their “free healthcare”.

And still be wealthier than anyone can imagine after all of that.

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If everyone paid, say, 10% of their income would that be acceptable? Everyone pitching in appropriate to their earnings, no one paying a higher percentage than anyone else.