Who thought it was a good idea to have Mulvaney on the sunday morning talk shows?



What changed so that the funds were released three days after the house was made aware of the whistleblower complaint?

Yea, like a day after the whistleblower report :laughing:

Like they decided to elect Democrats to the house.

They must have accidentally cut out the part before the “melt down” began.

Calling is a “meltdown” is silly.

But Mulvaney flipping his story does not seem at all credible. The funds were released once the Administration was forced to obey the Whistleblower Law and released the complaint to Congress.

I would like to see Mulvaney document the analyses that were done that enabled if he cares to back his statements up. He can produce that when he produces the comparisons that were done with ten other venues when the Doral was being picked for the G7 meeting.

You can buy the Administration’s efforts to whitewash Mulvaney’s Thursday press conference but it does require quite a large dose of wishful thinking to do so.

Definitely this is a political question, not a “high crimes or misdemeanors” question. If an impeachment goes through the House on this it will properly die in the Senate. It only proves the House was ready to impeach on any grounds.
Mueller was a big let down for them.

Impeachment dying in the Senate proves no such thing.

Abusing the power of the Presidency to solicit foreign influence in order to target political rivals is absolutely a “high crime or misdemeanor.”

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Some people only think corruption is wrong when it’s the other side doing it

I love how every statement that is bad news for Trump is somehow explained away using grammatical gymnastics.

Its always a convoluted explanation and at the root of it is that we are expected to believe Trump and his acolytes are geniuses and we cannot comprehend the complexities of what they say.


Who thought it was a good idea to have Mulvaney on the sunday morning talk shows?

Nancy Pelosi did


image Nathan Thurm impersonator.


Political opponents of the administration are not exempt from investigations. We certainly learned that in 2016.

You got that right.
Thanks for mentioning it.

Fat donald is increasingly frustrated with what he sees as his inability to peddle the lies.



We’re reminded practically every time you post

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I’m reminded every time you guys go after the great Russian Conspiracy delusion, and want to know nothing of the self dealing of Biden and his son.

The one obvious question none of these interviewers could think of asking… If the Trump administration was so obsessed with Ukraine corruption did they mention any major players in Ukraine that they wanted to investigate or are the only people/entities Trump named JUST HAPPENED to be his political rivals in 2020? The corruption in Ukraine is so rampant they must have had a long list of people to investigate right? Or did it start and end with Biden and the DNC?


What did Joe Biden get out of it again?