Who should be the Republican majority leader of the senate in 2023?

It seems that there is a mini problem in the Republican Party.

The senators who align with trump and his 2020 election lie

And those who don’t.

So let’s all get Our crystal balls out and make a prediction.

Who will be the Republican majority leader of the senate in 2023.

Assuming the r take control back.

Mitch McConnell has been an excellent majority leader.
So I believe he will Survive.

But what do other forumites think?


“Elections are about the future,” Graham said. “If you want to be a Republican leader in the House or the Senate, you have to have a working relationship with President Donald Trump.”

Nuts. Apparently in order to be a leader in House or Senate, a working relationship with someone who doesn’t occupy any public office is needed.

Rand Paul or Ted Cruz just to stir the pot


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Does anyone even listen to Lindsey Graham any more? The dude changes his stance with nearly the same frequency he changes clothes.

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Rand would be real fun. And Ted is a good choice too.

But I’m not counting my chickens before they hatch…

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Gotta kiss the ring…

And @Bosun …another reason why.

Not Cruz. Paul might be ok.

Senator Rand Paul is my choice.


Not liked by most of his colleagues.

Little if any chance.


They will have to actually kill McConnell to get the leadership out of his hands.

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Yeah…I can’t help but think that if it’s a knife fight, Graham gets shivved.

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I quite welcome a Trumper purity test that by its very existence makes it harder to turn you out to vote.

Remember when Graham was the anti Trump senator. Weird.
Likely Trump will be the Republican nominee. I think McConnell could work with Trump I’m not sure that works in reverse.
But that shouldn’t matter unless Trump not only gets the nomination but also wins the general election.
Surely Trump doesn’t scare enough senators to dump McConnell at this point.


Oh lord, who art on high: please let it come to pass.

And if it isn’t too much trouble, please also make it public.:pray:

Better than kissing the anterior region. Thanks Bro.

Sounds to me like Orange Man will keep being in topic for liberals who voted for Biden. How is the One Horse Dog Faced Pony Soldier working out for “you people” anyway? And hiss blundering sidekick Kamaalaa?

:us: Trump 2024 :us:

Let’s Go Brandon

Of course he will. And here is why:

So far so good. The Conservative tears are just a tasty bonus.

Let’s Go Brandon.

How is One Horse Dog Faced Pony Soldier working out for you people? His approval rating is lower than whale ■■■■

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So Biden is spreading good fertilizer. He is full of bull ■■■■■ He is feeding his liberals