Who shot Ashli Babbitt?

This is getting ridiculous. Why are the withholding they identity of the officer involved in a shooting? Typically this info is quickly released. This is highly irregular and sets a bad precedent. Two questions.

  1. What are they trying to hide?

  2. Why is the media helping them with the cover up?

Any ideas?


I don’t know what do you think they are trying to hide?

Who is “them” and how is the media helping?

Good questions. “Them” would be the people who are not allowing the officers name to be released. Do you have any info on why they would do this?

Capitol Police.

Ok so Capital Police is not releasing the name, is the media working with Capital Police to suppress the name?

Officer involved shooting begs for information and transparency.

Especially when the victim is an unarmed vet.


That is the question.

I see no indication that they are, do you?

I don’t know why Capitol Police haven’t released the name of the officer…if I had to guess it might have to do with the sensitivity the situation

Maybe this kind of violence against women is ok.

Keeps them in place.


You think this about woman violence now? Conducted by Capitol Police?

These are questions.

I am looking for answers.

She was murdered in the hallway of the people’s house.



I think that answer is pretty obvious…she was warned was she not?

The question of why the Capitol Police has not released the name of the officer is valid…I’m sure there is some nefarious reason

Not at all obvious.

Why was she the only one? Was she warned? Was she even in an area closed?

I don’t know.

Because she was climbing into the locked down Speakers Lobby through a window that had been broken by an aggressive mob of people.

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She tried to break in through a barricaded door, what did she expect

Now back to the speculation, why have Capitol Police not released the name of the officer?

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Why not shoot the window breakers then.

This isn’t helping.

Why her?

Viking head guy would make more sense and he was in the chamber.

Congress doesn’t want to follow the same rules LEO everywhere else does.

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Who shot her?

Dunno Capitol Police has not released the name of the officer

The same what and them as always.

By not demanding answers.