Who is abusing power?

Current reports suggest articles for Impeachment of President Trump are based on abuse of power and obstruction of justice. According Professor Turley, who recently addressed the House committee conducting the impeachment inquiry, the proposed articles themselves are actually an abuse of power and a violation of rights of due process:

. . .if you make a high crime and misdemeanor out of going to the courts, it is an abuse of power. It’s your abuse of power. You’re doing precisely what you’re criticizing the president for doing.
–Professor Turley addressing the House Intelligence committee

For background on the current draft articles see:

Are related issue is the apparent violation of House rules and precedents in the rush to pass an impeachment. For example, House rules allow House members access to committee documents, but Schiff has refused access to Republican House members, even those on the Schiff committee:

The recent White House letter further details multiple examples of the lack of due process and abuse of power by the House in violation of House rules and precedents. Examples cited in the letter include:

  1. Severe restrictions on access to witnesses: In contrast to the Clinton impeachment, the committee has not allowed the President’s attorney’s to question witnesses during the hearings and not given the President’s lawyers advance information about the witnesses.

  2. Secret proceedings with misleading leaks: The committee has selectively released misleading information from closed door hearings with little transparency.

  3. Violations of constitutional rights to due process similar to those noted by Prof. Turley.

For the full text of the White House letter see:

Do you agree with Turley’s assessment that the real abuse of power is from House Democrats?


We have a thread on this…

How can the House violate rules, itself creates and enforces?

There is no “Right to Due Process” with impeachment its not a legal process its a political one.


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House Democrats seem to be saying disagreeing with them in the courts is an impeachable offence. That basically revokes constitutional rights to due process and the authority of executive and judiciary branches of government under the constitution.

The US does not have parliamentary system were the executive is selected by the parliament has no independent authority.

Congress is the court when it comes to impeachment they make up the rules

Can a judge commit rape?


Can you cite one law or procedural rule broken by the House committees in this inquiry? I’m not aware of any, and no one here is stepping up with an example.

do Judges make up their own laws?

No, but somebody else did just a few posts up.

Can a congressman steal campaign funds?

Who is abusing power?


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Looking through the rules, there appears to be something in Rule VII that allows the committee to deny availability of records for a certain period of time. It’s in legal speak so I haven’t completely parsed it yet.

It appears Crenshaw is not correct…he is not allowed instant access to the committee records.

Sure anyone can commit rape. What is your point?

Sure, any congressman can? What’s the point?

You seem to disagree?